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Cinema Date Part 2

Part 2 Cinema date

Waiting for my Cinema date to arrive I had a sinking feeling that he may

not show up. This would be a first for me because in my experience on

the Mature Free and Single website everyone I had arranged to meet did

actually turn up (even if the odd one of them did who I wish hadn’t)

I had read stories written by the male members in their diaries of

disappointment when their prospect dates either cancelled at the last

moment or did a no show, but this one was a new one to me.

Mentally chastising myself for thinking both negatively or badly of

Alan I reached into my bag and pulled out my mobile to check it again,

perhaps something had come up and he couldn’t make it or he was stuck

in traffic.

I looked at my watch and he was now 30 minutes late. I tried to ring him

but it went straight to answer machine, I did not want to sound like a

bunny boiler and, even though I was seething inside, I had to give him

the benefit of the doubt so I left a message saying “Hi Alan, I am at the

cinema, are you on your way?”. Putting my phone back in my bag I

was aware that the queue for our film was beginning to move forward.

I thought “At least I won’t have to sit through the boring trailers, every

cloud has a silver lining and all that.”

I pretended to look at the forthcoming film posters although I was not

actually reading them. I rang my friend Barbara and she was surprised to

hear my voice. “What’s happening” she said “is he hot, hot, hot?” I had

to laugh “just the reverse” I said “he has not turned up”. “What” she said

“not turned up? That’s a first for you”. “I know” I replied “and it doesn’t

feel good either”.

“Isn’t he the one who blew hot and cold” she said? “Mm mm” I replied

“but I did not think he would stand me up! I will give him five more

minutes and then decided what to do”.

“Well I am here if you need me” was her reply, we said our goodbyes and

I checked my phone again, nada, nothing, I looked out through the large

windows of the cinema.

Just at that moment two things happened; the cute guy I had seen earlier

was approaching me and a text arrived on my phone with a message from

Alan. “Hi. Sorry but I can’t make tonight something has come up, another

time maybe.”

I must have looked like a goldfish to the cute guy when it suddenly

dawned on me that I knew where I had seen him from, it was the Mature

Free and Single website. “Hi” he said “have you recognised me?” “I

have now” I replied smiling. “Are you meeting someone from the site?”

he said.

“I was” I replied “and he has stood me up, which is a new one for me.”

He smiled; “maybe this could be to my advantage he said”.

I held up the two tickets, “the film is starting any minute” I replied.

“Come on then what are we waiting for”.

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