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Halloween date

“Louise” I said, “you have made me look fab, I may be a witch but I don’t look like an ugly one. I may look a little green around the gills but it does suit my hair colour.” She sniggered “I think the little drawn on spider on your cheek looks good, although the black lips are a bit gruesome.” My grandchildren were giggling saying “Grandmas a witch and she is going out on a date”. “Okay enough” said my daughter “come on you two we better get going”.

We said our goodbyes and I wondered how I was going to fill the next two hours before I was to meet my date for this evening. Slipping off my dress I pulled on my dressing gown and decided to read some diary entries from the dating website and was soon engrossed giggling at some of the things I was reading.

I then decided to put an entry on myself telling everyone I was sat in full witch makeup waiting for my forthcoming date, in no time my entry was online and I kept getting emails daring me to post a photo of myself. Always up for a dare I slipped my dress back on and set my camera to take a selfie. After about
10 attempts I managed to get a decent photo and posted it on to the site.    Once approved I was
bombarded with emails from friends and new people saying they admired me for posting a photo
dressed as a witch.

I was laughing so much the black eyeliner that was around my eyes started to run and fearing that I
would end up looking more like Dracula than a witch I turned off my laptop and removed the black track marks down my cheeks.

At 7pm my eldest daughter arrived to give me a lift to the club. “Looking good there mum” she said,
“Louise has done a good job”. I slipped in to my high heels and set off. “Are you feeling nervous” she
asked me? “Just a bit” I replied “it is always a bit nerve wracking meeting someone you have never met
before and to be honest a fancy dress meeting does not thrill me”. “Oh just enjoy it” she said “at least its

Pulling up outside the club I saw someone in the shadows, he had his back to us and I said to my
daughter “I think that might be my date. Omg this is scary”. Stepping out from the shadow sporting a black cape which was held in front of his face he stepped forward and opened my car door, my daughter had the giggles I was terrified, dropping his cape I came face to face with Dracula fangs and all and I had to laugh.

“Hello” he said “I saw your photo online this afternoon so I knew what to expect. You look fantastic, lets
have some fun”. I took his hand waving with the other to my daughter I followed my date into the club
with a smile on my face. Mmm looks like I was going to have a good evening.

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