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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

David meets Sharon !

I was away from work on annual leave, and decided to go online and visit the Mature Free and Single website.

 I was busy reading various profiles which I find fascinating. You can tell a lot about someone by their profiles. I was reading one, smiling to myself because it was rather funny.

“Mike, 6ft 2 tall, fair and handsome. David Beckham look alike, disguised as a 5ft 9 grey haired man.”

That made me chuckle. Certainly different and showing a good sense of humour. He went on to say that he was looking for a Sharon Stone look alike but would at a pinch accept a Julia Roberts!

Again, this was a different sort of profile.

I was looking at his photos; there was one of him obviously on holiday, sat at a table having a drink. He looked so relaxed and tanned; it was obviously taken somewhere hot. Another photo was of him skiing.

Hmm… I thought, he likes his holidays, but then again who doesn’t.

He stated that he worked in sales and marketing, and was an Advertising Manager. I used to sell advertising for a local newspaper, so that would be a good way in to introduce myself.

I quickly typed up a message.

“Hi David (aka Mike), I have been reading your profile and as David Beckham is my idol I thought I would drop you a message. I used to work in advertising, selling space.

It was all good fun especially on deadline day. Do you enjoy it?


Sharon (aka Elaine)”

I did not have long to wait until a reply came back.

“Hi, finally the woman of my dreams. I was getting tired of fighting off Julia Roberts.

 You Sharon, (aka Elaine) are my perfect woman”

I chuckled to myself he certainly had a sense of humour. He went on to say he was the Advertising manager for a large well-known magazine, and was on annual leave. He had only just joined the site after ending a long relationship. He was now looking for friendship with a view to more if he met the right person.

He had already been on a few dates, hardly surprising looking at his photograph, and went on to tell me about the dates. Although he said both were really nice, they were just not for him.

Our emails batted forward and backward, and then we decided to go on to Instant Messaging, which is a much faster way of communicating. The time just flew by and we found that we were interested in the same things and we both loved going to the cinema.

After an hour or so, he said –

“I feel like I know you so much already Elaine.

How do you fancy meeting up tomorrow for a drink, and then perhaps going to on to the cinema?”

Hmm… I replied. That sounds good to me.




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