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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

A different sort of man part two !


My heart was beating ten to the dozen. Here I was stood in the garden center about to turn around to meet someone from the Mature Free and Single website.

Hi I said turning with a smile on my face which froze as I looked into his eyes, He looked quite serious too. I felt like we had met before somewhere, but where?

Hi Elaine he said again and smiled.  I have a really strange feeling that I have met you before. How weird is that?

We both laughed then which broke the ice and made our way into the garden center café, we both ordered a coffee and sat at a table near the window.

How many we both said together then laughed. After you he said. How many people have you met from the site I asked? He grinned at me and said would you believe you’re my seventh!

Yes I laughed because you’re my seventh too. We both laughed nervously something was very strange here.

We chatted quite happily talking about our lives to date, we had actually lived fairly near each other for years and we had both got married very young and both had two daughters.

He had worked in advertising and so had I. So we had plenty to talk about.  We ordered another coffee and told each other what how hopes and dreams were. He was so easy to talk to and the time was flying by.

He had the most amazing green eyes and I was just about to tell him so when he said, You know what Elaine, you have the most amazing blue eyes, I laughed out loud and he asked what was so funny, I was just about to make a comment about your green eyes. We both shook our heads at the irony of the situation.

We decided to have a walk around the garden center and we were stood looking at all the flowers, let me guess he said I think you are a roses fan, I laughed and thought how true that is, my favourite flower is an orange rose. He went on to say and I bet it’s the orange ones that you like the best.

My mouth fell open how did you know that I said. He laughed and said I just had a feeling. In fact I feel like I know you inside out and I’ve felt like that since the first email we exchanged. How bizarre I thought that was exactly how I felt.

He picked up a bunch of orange roses and took them to the cashier and brought them back and said for you Elaine. Why thank you I replied that is very kind of you.

He took hold of my hand which felt right and we walked around the outside looking at all the garden furniture and decking. We both sat amongst the water features and I looked into his eyes and he gently leant forward and gave me a soft lingering kiss. Mmmmm could this be my soul mate.

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  1. This is a topic that is close to my heart…
    Thank you! Where are your contact details though?

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