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Who should make the first move part two.


After tossing and turning all night thinking about the good looking guy online that I was waiting to ask me out I woke up resembling a hedgehog, which was not a good look. Hmm, I thought looking in the mirror, if he could see me now he would never ask me out.

Patting my hair down I made my way into the kitchen to make my morning cup of tea and carried it in to the lounge and turned on my laptop

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to see if I had received an email from him. Damn! no email from him, what was this guy playing at.

I looked at the diary entries and sure enough there was one written by him which was titled. How much do you want to meet me? I tutted in disgust this man had some front I felt that his entry was directed at me. I read on scowling at the screen.

Would you be confident and brave enough to ask a man out for a date?  Surely it would not be a problem for any women on a dating site to make the first move.   Let’s face it that is why we are online to meet new people. So what is stopping you? Are you frightened of rejection?

I quickly type in a diary entry of my own.

Are you frightened of rejection?

Many people who join a dating site still feel a little vulnerable to begin with. Lets face it, dating online is similar to dating in the real world apart from you don’t have to take rejection face to face. But rejection can still hurt no matter how thick skinned you are. Some women like to be perused or is that old fashioned nowadays.

I hit the send button and logged off to get ready for work. I came home for lunch and logged on to the dating site and checked my email box, nothing;  but once again I found another diary entry which he had written in response to mine.

Less chance of rejection on a dating site

The beauty of online dating is that everyone is on there to find either new friendship or potential lifetime partners. Therefore, surely the chance of rejection is much lower. Unlike when you are in a pub or bar and your smiling across a crowded room at someone who a few minutes later is stood with their arms round their subsequent other half! Come on be brave ask someone out today. What have you got to lose I am sure they would accept. BE BRAVE ELAINE

He typed my name Elaine, does he mean me? There are probably lots of Elaine’s online. Feeling brave I clicked on to his profile and hovered across the email, suddenly I received a wink from him. He was online and it was me that he was directing the diary entries to. Smiling I quickly typed an email saying simply:

So when are we meeting then? I love online dating 🙂

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