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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Searching !


I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and smiled to myself, I had lots of emails in my inbox. I was finding that after being on the site for a couple of months, I was making lots of new friends and there was always someone online to chat to.

I sifted through my emails and came across one from a gentleman  who lived down south, now being a Northern girl I do like to have a bit of banter with the Southern guys even though it is very unlikely we would ever meet and do the long distance dating thing.

I had chatted online to a few people who had tried it and found that if both the parties were committed it could actually work. I wrote an email thanking him for contacting me and I also asked him what he thought of the site so far. I find this an excellent way to break the ice and begin a conversation. Because let’s face it everyone on a dating site has some sort of story to tell.

After reading my emails I went on to the main site and decided to do a search to see if there was anyone who lived near to me. Ideally I would prefer to find someone quite near to where I live so that I could see them at weekends and maybe once in the week. Work permitting

I went in to search members and decided to put in some filters. I find this a massive plus for sifting out men in the area I want. I even put in the height I would like due to me being 5ft 8 which is quite tall for a lady, I did a 25 mile search looking for men 5ft9 up to 6ft 5 between the ages of 52 to 62 which is 5 years either side of my age.

Very quickly I had selection of men to look at, I could look at the ones currently online or to get even more profiles I could look at everyone who was a member. I sat reading profile after profile sending cheeky little winks if anyone caught my eye. I also saved the ones who lived within 20 miles from me in my favourites box so I could send them an email to let them know I was on the site and lived nearby.

A message pinged in to my email box, I smiled to myself it was from the guy from down South, saying, what do I think to the site? Much better now I have received an email from you darling!

I smiled to myself and started to type back a reply. I really love this site.