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A new member


It’s strange but I can normally tell by a photograph if I am going to have a connection with someone I was browsing the Mature Free and Single website when someone viewed my profile. I immediately took notice, thinking hmm, I like the look of this man. Was he going to send me a message?  Come on; Come on send me a message  I said to myself.

A few moments later a message came through I was so happy.  It was strange because he was much older than what I normally go for, but there was something about his face and his eyes that I could not look away from, suddenly age did not matter. I just felt that I wanted to meet this man.

Normally I would spend time emailing someone getting to know them, and then after a week progress to the telephone and take it from there but this time it was different.

We exchanged a couple of emails then went on to the chat facility which once again its something that  I don’t normally use, but I have to say I was very impressed with the speed of it,  and I found it much better than emailing and then waiting for the response to come back.

I even enjoyed using the icons and kept adding little faces alongside the text just to make to make him smile. We chatted for a while and then we agreed to chat the day after.

The next day  I logged on to the site and we exchanged a few more emails, I gave him my mobile number which again is something that I do not normally do so early on, but I knew somehow that it was the right thing to do.

He arranged to ring me the following day so we could have a proper chat. What would he sound like? Voices, like photographs are quite important to me. I finished work at 2pm and came home and began doing the usual jobs around my home wondering what time he would ring.

At 4pm my mobile rang and I answered it to hear a lovely well spoken voice saying, hello Elaine. We chatted for around 40 minutes and the time just flew by. I knew that this man was someone who I wanted to meet and that he was going to become at the very least a good friend and maybe even more, time would tell.

When our conversation was drawing to a close, I found myself thinking in my head, Come on ask me out.  He is a newcomer to online dating and I think like all of us he was a little worried of rejection. He said I will leave it to you if you would like to meet me I do not want to put any pressure on you.  

 I knew five minutes in to the conversation that I wanted to meet him, very few people stimulate me intellectually and the thought of meeting him was very appealing.

I would love to meet you I said and a date was set for the following Sunday to have lunch together.    🙂