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A photo never lies or does it!


A good friend of mine from the site was telling me about his dating experience.  He had been chatting with a lady for the last few months online, and they had been getting on famously. He kept asking her out, and she had kept making excuses, with various social occasions that she needed to attend.

They had developed the relationship to talking to each other a few times a week; he was getting more and more desperate to see her, and asked me what I thought. I reassured him that I thought there was nothing untoward, as she had been quite open and upfront by giving out her home phone number. Believe me, if someone has reservations in that direction, there is usually a good reason. I advised him to ask her outright if there was a problem.

He rang me a few nights later and said he had spoken to the lady in question. He asked her how she felt about meeting him, and if she had any reservations, what were they. She had told him she was worried that he may be disappointed because the photograph she has online is slightly out of date.

‘By how long?’ he asked.

 ‘About 10 years’, she replied.

To say that he was shocked put it mildly, more so because she had not been able to talk to him about it.

What happens now? I asked.

“Well, he said I still really like her and I want to meet her. I believe that I have got to know her from the inside out if that makes sense.”

I understood completely what he meant, because before meeting someone we build up our own impression of someone.

But, until you meet you really do not know if the chemistry is there. He contacted me again, to say that she had agreed to meet him for a coffee at a garden center the following Saturday. He was on tenterhooks counting the days until they finally met.

The day dawned, and the meeting took place.

Yes, he could see that she looked different from her photograph, but not in a bad way at all. The chemistry was there for both of them, and the relief that they both felt was enormous.

When he rang me again, it was to tell me that they had been seeing each other a few times a week and that they are extremely happy together. She realised that she had been silly posting such an outdated photograph online and wasting so much time.

I strongly believe that there is someone for everyone and we have to be honest about who we are and what we are because, believe me dating sites like this one work.

Happy hunting x  

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