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Age is but a number


I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to see what was happening it was quite busy with lots of people on the site, I checked my messages and was just sending a few replies when I noticed that yet again a man older than myself on the site viewed my profile, it was a becoming a bit of a daily ritual. I smiled to myself, thinking come on be brave.

One of my regular friends online began to tell me how his date went the night before. She was great he said, exactly like her photograph in fact, no she was better. He went on to describe every little detail so much so that I felt like I had actually been with them on their date!  They had made arrangements to see each other a few days later and then suddenly she came online and he was saying goodbye to me to go and chat to her!

I was reading the diary entries, first chuckling to myself, then sighing at some of the more sensitive ones. All the time noticing the older guy kept looking at my profile. I decided to take matters in to my own hands and send him an email.

Hi Roy, I have noticed that you keep looking at my profile, I don’t bite you know.  Signed my name along with a smiley face and sent it across to him.

After about 10 minutes I thought, well he is not going to reply, so I started to write a diary entry informing everyone about my day. It was quite a long entry and just as I had completed it and sent it off for approval I noticed that I had received an email from Roy It said:

Hi there, thanks for your email, I do admit to keep looking at your profile lol, and would like to take you out for a bite to eat, however I would understand if you feel that my age is a problem? Bye for now. Roy.

I smiled to myself he was only 9 years older than me and really age is but a number, it’s how a person acts which reflects their age. Its funny but I can look at someone’s profile who is 55 and they look 65 and then someone who is 64 may look in their early 50’s

I quickly typed a reply saying I have no problem regarding the age difference, you seem like a gentleman who would be very nice company and sent it flying back in his direction.

Then I had the wait, I had a sneaky look to see if he was still online and he was. It must have been a good half an hour later when a email landed from Roy

Well thanks its said,  you have made my day, Dinner it is then, what days best for you?

Hmm, I smiled to myself,  another date planned.

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