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Birthday Video

I was feeling in a very good mood, it was my birthday and after opening my birthday cards I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website. I immediately saw that I had quite a few emails, some from people I knew and also some from people I had never spoken to. Nearly all were wishing me a happy birthday which surprised me because I couldn’t understand how they knew about it.

After emailing one of my good friends called John on the site who lived in Cornwall to thank him for the birthday wishes and the virtual flowers he had sent me, I asked him how he knew it was my birthday on that day. He told me that my photo had a symbol on saying it was my birthday, hmm I thought that’s a very good ice breaker, it’s a good job I was honest about my age or it could have caused some embarrassment!

We played ping pong emails each asking each other how our dating situation was and once again I wished that I lived nearer to him because it was obvious that we had an attraction to each other. I knew without doubt that had we lived nearer we would have already met up.

Dating virtually is a strange experience because you put the other person’s words together in picture form in your head because you can’t see it in real life. I asked him if he had considered putting a video of himself on the site which I know can be a scary thing but it does give others a better understanding of someone’s personality.

He admitted that he felt a little bit apprehensive about it but because it was my birthday he said he would give it a go, adding that he hoped that it would not put me off for life. I laughed and after saying goodbye I logged offline and set off to work, smiling to myself, thinking I would finally get to see John on camera and hear his voice.

My day at work was a good one and we all had a laugh when I opened one present which was a book about how to get the best out of online dating sites!! I bought the obligatory cream cakes for the afternoon break and finishing on the dot of 5pm I drove straight home feeling excited and anxious wondering if John had done a video on the site.

Logging on I read through a few more birthday emails thanking everyone for their good wishes then I clicked through to the new video section. Sure enough there was Johns photograph saying he had done a video.

I clicked on to it and saw John for the first time moving lol, he did make me smile he was obviously nervous but he had a lovely voice, very soft yet deep. He had made the effort and looked very smart and spoke a little bit about himself then he said that the reason he had made the video was because it was a very special lady’s birthday on the site and he wanted to wish her a happy birthday.

I was so happy, what a lovely thing to do and after watching the video about 5 times I decided that John, maybe, was just the man to consider meeting even though he did live over 350 miles away.

To be continued

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