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Cant win them all

After logging on to the Mature Free and Single website I searched to see if someone was online, he was a new member and I really liked the look of him. I had sent him a welcome message when he joined which I always think is a nice thing to do. It can be a bit overwhelming at first joining a site because in the first few days messages seem to fly in to your inbox.

He had replied and said thanks but I had not heard from him again, now I did not want to seem too keen but this is a dating site and sometimes we have to push ourselves out of our comfort barrier and bite the bullet even if that means rejection. I have found that yes, it can sting a bit but such is life, we are not everyone’s cup of tea!

Now what should I do should I send him a wink? Personally I am not too keen on the winking bit, I think it is done too easy and may not mean someone is eager to know more about you. They could just like the look of you but not want to sweep you off your feet.

He was online and I decided to write him another email asking how he was finding the site and if he had been out on any dates yet. I quickly sent him the email then started reading through the diary entries.

I did not get a reply back from him that night or the night after and just about when I was giving up hope of hearing from him I received an email thanking me for my email and then went on to tell me he was having the time of his life, he had been out on eight dates over the last two weeks with more lined up. (I told you he looked nice) he then went on to say that there was one lady he was really wanting to go out with but she had not replied to any of his emails.

Maybe she is away I replied, all the time thinking “great, he obviously does not fancy me then!” but then thinking about it would I really want to go out with a serial dater? I wanted to get to know someone online first, then meet for a coffee and then go out on a proper date not be slotted in around other women.

I wished him well in his search for “the one” and logged off the site. Such is life I thought, when the time is right my man will appear.

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