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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Cinema Date, Part 1

After communicating with Alan on the Mature Free and Single website
we finally agreed to meet up. I found that he did seem to blow a little hot
and cold, which did cause me a little concern, but I decided to give him
the benefit of the doubt and we arranged to meet one Thursday evening at
the cinema.

I had only ever been to the cinema with close friends so I decided that
perhaps it was wise to see an upbeat film as opposed to something like
12 Years a Slave, so we agreed that we would watch a comedy/rom com

We had arranged to meet in the cinema foyer at 7.30pm, so I rushed home from work to get a quick bite to eat and get ready. I chose to dress casually in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt it tends to get a bit hot in the
cinema especially when it’s a new film and Thursday nights did seem to be busy. I had paid for the tickets online to save us queuing, which he was happy with, saying that he would pay next time.

I sent him a quick text to say I was setting off and I would see himthere, ending the text with a smiley, I picked up my keys and walked towards my car. The journey was relatively easy I only needed to go on the motorway for one junction. In no time at all I was pulling in to the cinema complex’s car park. Checking my watch I was ten minutes early, so I did my usual check on my hair and make up, rubbing the little
residue of lipstick from my front tooth.

Five minutes later I jumped out of the car and had a look around the car park for Alan’s car. He had told me that he drove a green Ford Focus but I could not see one, so I walked slowly towards the cinema entrance. There was a quiet queue buying tickets and I have to admit smiling to myself as I went to a much smaller queue to get my tickets from the pre-paid dispenser. I noticed a cute guy in the queue who looked familiar and he gave me a little smile. With the tickets safely in my bag I went back towards the entrance and stood to one side. Checking my watch I saw that Alan was now running ten minutes late.

Thinking he had perhaps walked past me whilst I was getting the tickets I walked back towards the gate number where the film was playing. Scanning the queue I could not see him so feeling a little bit embarrassed I walked back to the entrance checking my mobile to see if I had missed any messages or phone calls from him. Finding nothing I began to have some doubts as to whether he was even going to turn up or not, after all he had been playing hot and cold with me one day seeming really quite keen and then not that bothered. Where the heck was he?

To Be Continued.

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