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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Cinema Date

I had been communicating with a guy called Lee for a few weeks both by email and on the phone. He seemed to blow a bit hot and cold, but when he was in a good mood, I found him a right laugh. We decided that we
would have our first night out at the cinema. I’d never been on a first date to the cinema. If I am honest, I prefer to chat to someone and look them in the eye when I first meet, that way you can get a good measure of how they are as a person.
Our date was arranged for a Friday night and we agreed to meet in the cinema foyer. It is funny choosing a film when you don’t really know someone, what do you choose? The chick flick (my favourite choice) or the action movie (his choice)? We decided we would choose when we were both together.

I was nervous as usual, and got ready with my usual Magic fm radio playing in the background. I decided I would dress down a bit, after all it was a Friday and a cinema date. I chose a pair of black jeans with a green jumper and flats (he is 5ft 9), and I did not want to be taller.

I arrived at the cinema about 15 minutes early, and after speaking to my friend on the phone for a confidence boost, I walked across the car park to the entrance.

It was quite busy, Friday night is a popular night and I walked round the foyer, trying not to look like I was waiting for someone. Instead, I pretended to look at the posters on the walls of the current movies that were showing that evening. I was partially engrossed in one poster when I heard a voice saying ‘Hi, there you are’. I spun around and there was a guy who was obviously meeting someone else, because I then heard a female voice giggling, and they
kissed and walked across to the kiosk to buy some drinks and popcorn…. Aww I thought how nice was that, and then started reading a romantic drama poster, sighing, imagining it was me on the poster with Richard Gere. Mmmm how good would that be?

I looked at my watch and was surprised to see that he was now 30 minutes late! I checked my mobile phone and I had no messages or missed calls… maybe he is stuck in traffic?  I tried to ring him but it went straight to his answer machine. I left an upbeat message, I did not want to sound like a bunny boiler,’Hi, its Elaine’ I said, ‘I am at the cinema are you on your way?’ 10 minutes later, I was stood near the door looking out towards the car park, when a message alert came on my phone, it was him. Oh good, I thought and opened the message.

‘Sorry babe I can’t make it tonight’ the text said. I shook my head, opened the door, walked out to the car, and drove home.  I live and learn, it’s not all plain sailing on a dating site.