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Countdown to Christmas

After logging on to the Mature Free and Single website I noticed that quite a few diary entries were quite negative about the thought of being alone at Christmas and even though it would be my second Christmas as a single woman it did not faze me because I had made so many friends online.

The members seem to fall into different categories some members were so rigid in their search that no one lived up to the spec they were searching for and then some almost appeared to be happy living alone, indeed when someone asked them out they found it difficult to fit a date in to their busy schedules

I smiled to myself and hoped that I fell in to the middle bracket of not being too despondent living alone and the thought of being alone over Christmas did not depress me. I agree that to have that special someone to share Christmas with would be lovely…….but life is all about timing and when the time is right then the right person will appear. Meanwhile I was not going to moan or become down on the fact that I am 50 something and single.

I decided to write a diary entry myself, basically stating the above and while waiting for it to be approved, I started looking at the new members who had recently joined the site in my area. Hmm, there were quite a few nice ones who were the right age too. I love reading the new members’ profiles to see what they had put about themselves. It really is a selling tool that too many members don’t use. Yes, it can be embarrassing writing about yourself and many switch to my friends say this and that about me (I often wonder if their friends come on the date with them to do the talking!).

I was deeply engrossed reading a newbies profile when I got a message saying that my diary entry had been accepted and was now available to see online. I checked it out to make sure that it made sense and got across the message I was looking to share. Sure enough after a few minutes I started to get emails from members with their points of view. Smiling I thought how anyone can be lonely on a dating site surprises me, It’s all about communication and starting up written conversations.

Some people say I don’t know what to write about, that’s easy, ask for advice or help in a positive way and then you will probably be inundated with responses. At the end of the day we are all in the same boat, looking for love, friendship, whatever and sending an email to someone is safe, what’s the very worst that can happen? If someone has not got the manners to reply to you, would you really want to know them anyway???

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