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Dont get disillusioned.

After logging on to the Mature Free and Single website one Friday evening I was happily reading the diary entries chuckling to myself when I came across quite a sensitive entry. It was obviously someone who was feeling a bit disillusioned with the whole online dating thing. He was asking why be on a dating site if you cannot be bothered to answer any emails that you receive.

I more than anyone know that it can be frustrating if you do not get a reply from someone you have emailed, especially if you see that they have been online. But from my experience of the whole online dating there are many reasons why people may not reply. The main one being that they have not paid to be a member or their membership has lapsed. They could still be receiving the emails but be unable to reply to them!

It would appear that a lot of people still occasionally look online to see if the people they used to see previously are still online. Or, it may be that they have met someone online but still have an active account until they see if the person that they are currently dating is going to be a keeper.

Personally if I decide that I want to see someone more than a few times then I tend to remove my photograph from the site; that usually stops anyone contacting me (like I have said previously, photographs do work because not many people want to meet the invisible man, or woman for that matter).

Then of course there are some people online that may not like the look of the person that emailed them so they chose to ignore them, which to me is very ignorant. How hard is it to say thanks for your email but I do not think we would make a good match. I have to be honest and confess that I have emailed people back who have emailed me and I say thank you for your email but I am currently seeing someone from the site so I am not looking to see anyone else at the moment. Then I wish them all the best in their search. Most men are courteous and reply thank you for replying and wish me good luck. Others sometimes reply saying, if you’re seeing someone then perhaps you should not be online!  That’s a fair comment and one of the reasons I take my photograph off when I am actually seeing someone.

I quickly penned an email to the diary writer agreeing that yes, it was frustrating not receiving a reply and gave him a shortened version of what I have written above and wished him well in his search. I also said that if the person was actually an active online member who had not replied, then would he really want to get to know someone who had such bad manners?

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