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Dont rush in !

I can honestly say I have only had one date, from the Mature Free and Single website, where when I met a gentleman I knew instantly it had been a mistake to meet.  I was at a loose end and after only emailing this guy a couple of times I agreed to meet him for an early evening drink.  We were meeting in a beautiful village location around 6pm one Saturday evening. Seconds after I arrived in the car park my date appeared and parked next to me. I got out of the car and said hello and gave him a smile. “Hi” he replied and stumbled forward and gave me a big kiss on my cheek almost knocking me over. I laughed nervously thinking perhaps he was nervous too but as we crossed the road to the village pub he took hold of my hand, which made me feel very uncomfortable. I am not a cold person but I think holding hands comes when you know a person rather than on a first date.

I also noticed he was shorter than he had said on his profile and even though I was wearing flat heels I was still a good 4 inches taller than him. Why do some people lie about their height!

We walked into the pub and found that the only seats available were on the settees so I sat down while he bought us a drink.  He brought the drinks over and instead of giving us both a bit of breathing space he sat very close to me. I tried to move across but he followed and in the end I had to say “Please don’t think I am being funny but could you move across a bit you are a bit near”.

He immediately took offence to my comment and said “Oh it’s like that is it” and proceeded to sit at the other end of the settee. I tried my hardest to engage in conversation with him but we really did not have anything in common. How could I have got it so wrong? I know that some people meet for a first date and spend the whole day together perhaps visiting the coast.

I shook my head this date was obviously a disaster and it is honestly the first date I have ever had where I considered saying I was going to the ladies and leaving. After mentally talking to myself I had no option but to turn to my date and say “Look I am sorry but we are obviously not a match”. To which he replied “that’s not the first time I have heard those words. It’s not a problem because you’re obviously not right for me either”.

We both drank our drinks and walked across to the car park said our goodbyes and drove our separate ways.  I laughed to myself at the whole event and decided that before I accepted another date I would take more time getting to know more about someone before arranging to meet them.

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