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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Email alerts


I logged on to my laptop and noticed that I had received a wink from a really good looking guy who lived about twenty miles away. I clicked on his profile and was immediately impressed with what he had written. It was obvious he was very intelligent.  He also came across as a positive person which is always a plus in my eyes. No one wants to date a moaner, life is too short.

I saw he was divorced with two grown up children and he did a lot of charity work in his spare time. He had not put on his profile what he was looking for but I was assuming that it was friendship like me, with more if there was an attraction.

I felt a little shy, yes he had winked at me but did he really fancy me? Now I thought what should I do? I could do a cheeky little wink back and test the water or be brave and send him an email.

I decided on the latter and wrote.  Hi John, thanks for the wink I have just read your profile and I am really impressed, I signed my name and added a smiley and sent it off.

I began reading the diary entries but watching for my alert to say he had read my email. I think the bolt on facility of paying a small amount to see if someone has read my messages was worth every penny. I could see how quickly they respond and therefore know how keen they are lol.  I was learning the ropes now and felt that I was getting the best out of the site.

I was reading one particularly interesting diary entry when the alert came up that John had read my message. I kept reading the same line over and over again, thinking come on John send me a message. Five minutes later and still nothing oh well I though, he is obviously not interested.

I started reading another diary entry when I got alerted to a email arriving in my inbox you have received a email from John it said, yes but which John I thought I regularly send messages to other Johns   on the site and it could be one of those, I hovered my mouse over the emails icon and closed my eyes and pressed it, please, please, please let it be the John that I want it to be.

I opened one eye to have a look and it was, I gave a little squeal of delight he had replied, now what was he going to say.  It was quite a long message which read:

Hi, thanks for your email, I had read your profile earlier today and thought instantly that you were someone with whom I thought  I can associate with. Your humour and sincerity shines out in your profile. I was a little nervous about sending you an email and thought I would test the water with a wink to gauge how the land lay. Would love to know more about you?

I smiled to myself and quickly began to type a response. This was so much fun!