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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

First Meeting


I was watching the clock move slowly round all night, excited with the thought of  my first date with someone from the mature free and single website.

He was more mature than me, being 61 to my 56, but he had such good manners and a lovely way with him. After chatting on the phone a few times, we agreed to meet up.

We arranged to meet up at a nearby Sunday market, which I thought was a refreshing change from meeting at a pub, coffee bar, or restaurant. I dressed casually but smart, he had looked smart in his photographs and I did not want to turn up too casual.

He was there when I arrived, although I felt a certain amount of nerves. I suppose it is only natural that first meetings can even make the most seasoned dater a little apprehensive. However, I had nothing to worry about; he was everything I expected him to be. He was wearing a pair of cream chinos and a colourful checked shirt.

He gave me a small kiss on the cheek, and I noticed he smelt really nice, which is always a big plus in a man.

‘Shall we have a wander round the market’, he said, ‘and grab a coffee in the café’.

‘That would be good’ I replied, and we started our walk through the busy market, stopping at some stalls and admiring their produce.

We found the café and he asked ‘coffee or tea Elaine, or would you like a soft drink?’

‘A tea will be fine, thank you’ I replied. He bought two cups of tea and a couple of Kit-Kats, and sat down across from me.

Finally, I could take a good look at him. He had a nice friendly, open face with a big smile. He certainly did not look 61, more mid 50’s.

He began telling me about previous date he had been on, and I noticed he was always a half full kind of man. This was quite refreshing, after having a few dates where the man was rather negative, and frankly a little boring, talking about ex-partners. I appreciate we can get to our age without some history, but I prefer to leave my baggage at the airport and not carry it around with me.

We drank our tea, ate our Kit-Kats, and then carried on looking round the market. As usual, I was drawn toward the stalls with jewellery; I bought myself a lovely little bracelet and a pair of matching earrings. My date was interested in the stall that was selling memorabilia, and bought some old postcards. He went on to tell me he collected them, and had many albums at home, which he was in the process of filling.

By now, it was lunchtime, and we decided to go in to a beautiful little fish restaurant. We ate a lovely lunch of haddock and chips, tea, and bread and butter, all of which he insisted he paid for, for which I was very grateful. Then we made our way back to the car park.

All in all, a very nice first date.