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First Phone Call

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website feeling excited. My emails that started with Joe on New Year’s Eve had been arriving most days and I had started to feel as if we could be getting closer to meeting each other. This may sound strange but sometimes this part of the dating process can be the exciting part of online dating the anticipation of meeting someone for the very first time.

After checking my emails, sure enough there was one from Joe, telling me about his day at work and basically just sharing with me how he was feeling. I am sure that l am not the only person that misses having someone to share things with, yes I can chat to my children and parents but it’s not the same as having that special someone to talk to.

I was giggling about the antics he had got up to, obviously he was a bit of a joker with a good sense of humour. His email became quite serious towards the end and I knew that he was getting near to asking for my phone number and after three weeks of constant emails that was not a problem to me. Sure enough his last sentence was “It would be good to talk on the phone maybe, if you’re up for it?”

Smiling, with butterflies in my stomach, I replied, saying “Yes Joe, that would be good” and sent him my mobile phone number. Straight away I received a reply asking me when it would be a good time to call. He was just about to go out for the evening to see his daughter and suggested ringing me later around 8.30 if that would suit me. I replied that it would be fine and said I was looking forward to it.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but I am always very nervous talking to someone for the first time on the phone, all illusions can be shattered by that first conversation (no pressure, eh) and I logged offline to make my evening meal thinking about all the previous first time telephone calls I had either received or made.

How green I had been in the beginning, probably by talking to people too early on in the dating line process; expecting them to be my prince charming when in some cases they were clearly not. The one thing I have always done though is to listen to my gut instinct and in most cases I have asked for their number and rung ex directory so I could be in control of situation for that first phone call. Mobile phone numbers are easier and not as obtrusive as giving a landline number.

Sitting eating my meal, or should that be moving that around my plate, because of the mixture of excitement and fear I kept watching the clock waiting for it to move round to 8.30pm and sure enough the phone rang dead on time. Picking up my phone I saw a number I did not recognize and my mouth went dry and I felt very shy. Answering the phone I said “Hi Joe”.

To be continued.

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