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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Friends or More ?

I signed on to my laptop to find an email from the Mature Free and Single website letting me know of new members who had just joined. I was interested to see that there were a few new members who lived quite close to where I lived. I quickly sent them an email welcoming them to the site one thing I was learning was that it was better to contact someone rather than sitting back waiting for people to email me.

I was reading the diaries when I got a reply from one of the new members thanking me for my email and asking me what I thought of the site. It was the first time he had ever joined a dating site and I think he was a little bit apprehensive so he was looking for some reassurances, which believe me I was happy to give.

His name was Harry and he was delighted that I had sent him an email and enquired as to how long I had been on the site and if I had been out on any dates. I replied saying that I thought the site was brilliant and yes I had been out on several dates in the few months that I had been on the site.

I went on to tell him a few amusing stories of the characters that I had come across on the site and then suggested we use the chat facility which made communicating quicker.  He told me that he was looking for friendships because it was only a year since he had broken up from a long term relationship.

I told him that I had put that I was looking for friendship too but if I met someone special then I hoped it would lead to more. He was telling me that he was a sales rep and covered a large area which meant he was away for a couple of nights a week,  he enjoyed his work but felt rather lonely on a weekend. This I could relate to because when your busy during the week meeting someone is not always something you think about.

I told him that sometimes I did feel rather lonely and that the site had filled a gap for me and I now had lots of friends from all over Britain. Harry asked me what I thought about ice breakers and I said each to their own but I preferred the personal touch, saying when I email someone I always use their name and that I preferred it when people did the same to me.

He told me he kept getting winked at and asked me what he should do. I laughed and said if you like the look of them wink back because that shows you are interested. That scared him a bit which amused me no end.

We continued chatting and he told me that he liked to visit a nearby sculpture park and he was going there on Sunday. I smiled to myself I knew what was coming next.

Would you like to meet me there Harry said, just as a friend! Sure I replied one can never have enough friends 🙂

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