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Gemini Man


I could not believe my luck, after chatting to an ex-army 6ft 3 hunk of a man, we arranged to meet up.   The only let down was that he lives in the Midlands which is a fair way to travel, but he is a Gemini, my perfect star sign partnership. I am very much into star signs, and had never been out with a Gemini, so I was keen to give it a go. We had so much fun chatting online and we both laughed out loud at each other. Personally, I think it’s important to be able to have a laugh, it builds up a rapport, and it gives me a nice warm feeling inside.
He arranged to meet me, and visit an ex-army buddy at the same time, making the journey more feasible, which I could understand. Because, let’s face it, until you meet someone in person you don’t know if the chemistry is going to be there. It definitely was online, but maybe that was in my head.  Mature dating is a whole different ball game, its fun; it’s like being young again but with more common sense (hopefully!)
Anyway, we arranged to meet one Sunday. He was traveling down on Sunday morning; it would take a couple of hours. I was so excited, on paper he was everything that I wanted, even down to his goatee beard and fairly stocky build. I could not sit still. I kept clock watching, and after taking time to do my hair and make-up, it was nearly time for me to set off to meet him near to where I lived.
I rang my friend and could not string a sentence together. She laughed at me and said ‘For goodness sake, calm down Elaine’. I just laughed, and said ‘I am meeting him today Barbara, and I am so excited’. Well, calm down said Barbara, the voice of reason. She always keeps me grounded, thank goodness.
Finally I set off to our meeting place, he had texted me to let me know how the journey was going. He was having a clear run, it was all motorways, and there were no hold ups.
I arrived at the pub/restaurant where we were meeting. I walked into the bar area, I heard a voice behind me which had a lovely gentle South African accent.
‘Hi Elaine, at last we meet’
I turned round and looked into the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. They were like melted chocolate and I literally swooned. When he put his hand on my arm, I felt like I had an electric shock. What was this man doing to me?
‘Let’s sit down’, he said, and led me to a table. I managed to shut my mouth, which had once again lost the ability to speak. I just looked at him with doe eyes and a smile on my lips.
Wow! Is this falling in love feels like?

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