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Halloween Date part 1

After licking my wounds from being stood up (even though it worked to my advantage) I decided to take the bull by the horns and agreed to meet Richard; who I had been chatting to for the last 4 weeks, who seemed like he could be good fun for a date. The problem was he wanted to meet me on Halloween night at a fancy dress dinner dance. Now I don’t know about you but fancy dress on a first date was a little bit spooky to me, fancy dress! Its okay making a fool of yourself when you know someone well but come on, I wanted to make a good first impression, not make him think that I looked good as a witch.

I spoke to my two daughters about it and they found it hilarious, ”Are you having a laugh” said my eldest. My younger daughter, the artistic one said “wow that’s brilliant I  will help you get ready I have some great make up for Halloween (she has two young children) it will be great”.

We decided to enter into the spirit and after arranging to meet up at my local Asda the day after, to look at costumes. OMG, what was I getting myself into here.

I logged on to the website later to see if I had any messages from Richard, after all I certainly did not want to go to the expense of buying a costume if it was not going to be used. He instant messaged me saying he had been to pick up his outfit from the fancy dress shop in his local town, he had picked it out months ago, this was obviously his thing and he was well known (so he told me at the shop). He had already told me that I had left it too late to get a good costume so I had no alternative but to buy or make something myself, which was not going to happen!

He would not tell me what he was going as but told me that the event was being held in a nice club in the middle of his town which was about 5 miles away from where I lived. My eldest daughter had said she would drop me off to save the embarrassment of parking my car and walking to the club dressed in I did not know what.

I was quizzing him like mad asking was he going to be smart i.e. a vampire or a warlock! Or was he going for the fun type of look, he simply laughed and said it would be a surprise. Now I don’t wish to be vain here but I did not fancy arriving as a pumpkin; I know I am not the thinnest of women but the pumpkin look was not going to do me any favours.

We chatted about other stuff then said our goodbyes with the arrangement that we would meet outsidethe club at 8pm the following night.

To be continued

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