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Halloween Date part 2

31 October turned out to be a cold crisp day and, standing outside my local Asda store waiting for my daughter, I thought maybe this first date might not be that bad. After all it would not be boring meeting someone on Halloween night in fancy dress, would it??

I heard my grandchildren shouting out “Grandma, we are here to help you pick out a costume for your first date tonight”. Don’t you just love children, there can be no secrets when they are around, I saw a few shoppers smirk as they walked past me, great, now they all know I am single and going out in fancy dress tonight!

My daughter shushed them and mouthed sorry to me. We walked in to the store, now I have to say I
was impressed with the selection for fancy dress, what concerned me however was the sizes left for,
how shall I put it, the larger ladies. My heart sank, here was I about to meet someone from the Mature
Free and Single website for the first time at a fancy dress wearing what?

My daughter who likes to be positive kept picking up costumes and putting them down, looking at me
she said “don’t worry mum, we can fix you up. How about we make your costume.” My heart sank even
more and hit the floor, “make my costume” I squeaked “what will you make”? I could tell she was stuck
because she kept opening and shutting her mouth.

“Well” she said “that black dress you have, we could trim it up to make it look Halloweenish”. Picking up
a skeleton I said “what like sew a few of these on it?”  She had to laugh, “have I ever let you down?
Come on be serious now let’s buy some bits and then we can go back to your house and make you a great costume”.

“Go for it” I said, “I am in your hands”. She quickly gathered a variety of things and after trying a witch’s
hat on my head we went through the checkout and headed home. Once there I put on my black dress
which thankfully was quite plain apart from a sparkly collar. I stood in the center of the room whilst she
started sewing on spiders and cobwebs the kids sat transfixed watching my plain black dress change into
a witches outfit.

“Right” she said once it was finished, “I am not showing you the results yet until I have done your hair
and put on your make up”. I sat on the settee whilst she put layers of first white then green make up on
my face. She wanted to put a wart on my chin but no way was I allowing that. She twisted my hair up into the side bun and placed pipe cleaners in to the bun making it look like a big fat spider.

Finally she said “right have a look and see what you think”. With some trepidation I walked towards the

To be continued.

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