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Halloween for Grown ups

Halloween is both a Celtic festival and a Christian holiday All Saints’ Day, celebrated every year on October 31st.  The event is increasingly observed by children, who enjoy dressing up in scary costumes and trick or treating.

However, the celebrations need not be solely for the younger generation, and there is great fun for adults to be had as well.  Not only can we get into the spirit of the event by decorating our front porches with pumpkins, dressing as ghosts, devising pranks and supplying copious amounts of sweets to the trick or treaters, but it is also a time for us to indulge in our own, adult festivities as well.

Fancy dress party for the Over 40s!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for adult singles to let their hair down and dress up for the evening.  Costumes are easily rented these days, and provide an easy ice breaker for conversations between singles at parties.  Even M&S have a small line of adult costumes this year!  With such a strong theme, a party need only provide the atmosphere and a couple of simple activities to keep your guests entertained.  Try changing your light bulbs to red, drape your venue with white sheets, hang spiders from ceilings and fake cobwebs from door frames.  Set up apple-bobbing, devise tricks for your guests and get them to play ghoulish charades.  Find some horror movies to play in the background and get some monster movie soundtracks!

Haunted House Weekend.

Google “haunted house weekends” and a long list of events and venues pops up for you.  Some offer murder mystery weekends, as well as opportunities to bring dating singles together.  Whether you wish to go on a ghost hunt, an evening event, or a full weekend stay, the option to have a memorable Halloween is out there.

Hold an adult garden party.

Now the nights have drawn in, the garden party, with bonfire, costumes and festive foods is the easiest way to pull people together to celebrate the event.  The proximity to Guy Faulkes night means that fireworks are readily available to add a special sparkle to your evening.  Hold a pumpkin carving competition and ask your guests to “bring a pumpkin!” – the produce will illuminate your garden and create atmosphere! Festive foods include anything pumpkin, as well as hearty stews, Colcannon and the opportunity to go mad decorating your cup cakes and biscuits!  You can also provide more simple finger food, decorated with clever “blood” tinged sandwiches (cochineal and tomato skins) and spider webbed quiches or pizzas, or anything ghostly!  To intoxicate your adult guests, try some spooky cocktails!  Try the Foodnetwork.com for some tasty recipes!

Whatever you end up doing on Saturday 30th October, have a GREAT time!

Paula Taylor

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