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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Happy Birthday to me :-)

I woke up feeling a little depressed. It was my birthday another year older. Why is it when we are younger we want to be older and when we are older we want to be younger! I switched on the radio and then turned on my laptop and logged on to the Mature Free and Single website. I noticed I had half a dozen emails in my inbox and opened the first one. Happy birthday to you it said. I was a bit taken aback, how did he know that it was my birthday. I looked at my profile and noted that my age had changed which made me smile no hiding anything on this site lol

I read my other emails one of which was from a new member who told me that he had been looking through the profiles and had seen that it said it was my birthday so he thought it was a good ice breaker to drop me an email.

He was quite cute and lived fairly near to me so I quickly sent him an email in return thanking him. He immediately replied and asked me if I was going out celebrating that evening. I said I had nothing planned and he said would I like to have a chat online around 7pm I said I would and smiling logged off to get ready for work.

After an eventful day at work in which I was in demand or maybe it was the bun run which I financed! I returned home with a bag full of cards and a bunch of flowers from my workmates. After my birthday meal for one I Iogged on to the dating site to see if my new friend was around. I had a few more emails from the friends I had accumulated in the time I had joined the site wishing me a happy birthday and I had replied thanking them when my new friend instant messaged me.

I felt the tingle of excitement which I always felt when a new person contacts me, I think it because I always think this could be the one for me. Don’t get me wrong I am having a ball meeting and getting to know new people but like most people on the site I was hoping that my Mr. Right would appear.

We spent the next hour and half getting to know each other via instant messages. His name was Gareth and he was a month younger than me which he was quick to point out saying that he could be my toy boy.

He worked as an electrician and had been separated for the last two years and like me he was a bit fed up with the occasional night out which did not lead to meeting his potential partner, so after a lot of research he too had come to the conclusion that the Mature Free and Single website was the site for him. He too had looked at the other sites which catered for all ages but he really did not want to be contacted by women the same age as his daughters.

Mmmm Gareth was certainly my type of man. We agreed to chat again the following night and I logged off with a smile on my face.

To be continued.

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