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Happy New Year x

New Year’s Eve and I am sat at home with a king sized box of tissues, a stinking cold and cough, feeling rather sorry for myself. I logged onto the Mature Free and Single dating website to see if anyone was online. To be honest I thought everyone would be out enjoying themselves so I was rather surprised to see that the site was quite busy.

I penned a diary entry wishing everyone online a Happy New Year and that we should all be out enjoying ourselves; my excuse was that I had a stinking cold! I did not expect my diary entry to be approved due to it being New Year’s Eve and I was surprised when I received an email telling me that it had been accepted.

In no time at all I was receiving emails sympathizing with me regarding my cold. Why did I not think about saying I had cold before if this is what happens. Just kidding, but it did cheer me up. Sniffing, I replied, thanking people for their kind wishes and I soon struck up conversations, via emails, which was just as well because my sniffs and sneezes would have been a bit of a turn off.

One email I received was from a man called Joe, who was 59 and lived about thirty miles from me. His profile had me laughing he appeared to be a bit of a joker and he was telling me that he was sat in a chair emailing me, with 5 boxes of man sized tissues around him because his cold was much worse than mine.

Typical man, I replied you probably have man flu, I am amazed you have the strength to type a reply. How did you know he replied, I have got splints on my fingers because they are too weak to press the keyboard. Then he went on to tell me just how fortunate I was to be having any sort of communication when he was so ill, with very strong man flu, not the usual sort of man flu that normal males had!

By this time I was giggling like mad, which turned in to a coughing fit. So, after getting myself a drink, we continued sending each other emails until I really was too tired to keep going. We said goodnight and agreed to email each other the day after.

Logging off, I switched off all the lights and went to bed. I tossed and turned thinking about all the emails that Joe had sent me, then looked at the clock and saw that  it was five minutes to midnight, so smiling to myself, I thought I would log back onto the site to send Joe an email wishing him a Happy New Year.

Just as I was typing him the email I received one from him saying “Do you realize I have dragged myself out of bed just to write this email to you to say I think you are gorgeous and I wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year?”

Smiling to myself I replied, “hmmm, 2015 could be our year, Joe. X”

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