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Honest Profiles Please


I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and noticed instantly that Phil was online. Phil and I had been chatting on and off for a few months and he had asked me several times to meet up for a coffee. For some reason something kept holding me back from accepting a date. He came across just a little bit over confident for me.

Just then an email landed in my inbox from Phil saying. “Hello, so when are you going to admit that you are just dying to meet me”. I smiled to myself, talk about persistent but I did not want lead him on when I was not really feeling it.

Hi Phil I replied:  “How are you tonight?”  Phil replied back saying “I am great thanks” and then asked me again to meet up for a coffee. I pondered on it for a few minutes and then thought oh well why not I had nothing else planned. 

We arranged to meet in a Garden Center part way between where we both lived the following Saturday. I read his profile again and was pleased that he had put that he was 6ft so he was taller than me.

When Saturday arrived I dressed casually in jeans and a smart blouse with a nice pair of shoes with quite a high heel, knowing that he would be a good bit taller than me. I felt rather nervous; I think that is only normal though, due to the fact that I was meeting someone for the very first time.

I drove to the Garden Center and arrived five minutes early, he had told me that he drove a black Merc with his own registration plate Phil 007. Hmm a bit ostentatious I thought but each to their own.

I saw the moment his car entered the car park and I sat a little bit lower in my car feeling rather overcome by shyness. He parked near the entrance and opened his car door and jumped out.

OMG I was shocked, if he was five foot 5 I was being generous. He saw my car down the car park and he started walking towards me. I looked round to see if I had left any other shoes in my car that were flat but no such luck so I opened my door and stepped out with my 5ft 7inch height made higher by 3inch heels.

I towered over him as he stood on his tip toes and I bent forward so he could kiss my cheek. I was so embarrassed he did not seem to be bothered at all. We walked into the garden center and found the coffee shop and I sat down while he bought a couple of coffees

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind shorter men if they are honest about it, but to blatantly lie does not sit well with me and I could feel my annoyance rising.  He sat down with the coffees all smiles. Phil I said I am not being funny but doesn’t your profile say your 6ft tall?  Oh yeah he said, but I found that I could get more dates if I added a few inches on my original height. 

The date went downhill from that point, I was polite and we drank our coffees and said our goodbyes never to meet again. Word of warning to everyone; be honest on your profile.

Honesty pays.

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