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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Its all in the voice.

I was waiting for a phone call and feeling rather nervous, after emailing Gareth for the last two weeks on the Mature Free and Single website we had now taken the next step and decided to talk on the phone. In the past I have found, and this may sound stupid, that it can be a make or break situation hearing someone’s voice on the phone for the very first time.

After emailing one guy for a few weeks not so long ago I agreed to talk to him on the phone and nerves aside he did sound like he had been on helium his voice was that high, either that or I was talking to Joe Pasquale.!! Hmm it’s not that I am shallow but come on, I could never have taken him seriously.

I decided to take my mind off the forthcoming phone call and switched on my laptop to read the latest diary entries, in no time at all I was giggling away at some of the regular diary writers, they wrote something most days even if it was about something that they had seen that day. It almost felt like I was a part of a huge family with ages ranging from 40 to 80 something, the diaries held something for everyone.

I wrote a few emails in response and then started looking at the new members who had joined that day. I loved the fact that I was sent all the new members in my area. I was looking through the photo’s when I came across a face I recognized it was Ian a 60 year old man that was on the site for a brief time when I joined the site. He had been really helpful to me giving me lots of good advice of how to get the best from the site. I emailed him saying “Hi remember me.” After a few minutes he responded saying “Hi yourself. I am surprised you’re still on here, I thought you would have been snapped up in your first month.” I smiled to myself and quickly wrote back. “You’re joking, I am having too much fun on here meeting lots of people”. We sent a few emails back and forth and then after both adding each other to our favorites we said our goodbyes.

I looked at my watch and could see that I still had ten minutes to go before Gareth was due to ring. I looked at my last email from him making sure that it was tonight that he was phoning me and noticed that he was online. Just at that moment an email pinged in to my inbox and it was from Gareth it read. “Hi there, how are you doing” I replied “Hi Gareth, yes, I am good thanks.”

I was feeling the adrenalin rush that came with either meeting or talking to someone for the very first time, when another email from Gareth landed in my inbox. “I am afraid I have started with a shocking cold tonight so my voice is not at its best, at the moment I sound like Joe Pasquale which is not a good first impression! Would it be okay if I phone you when I get my usual voice back??”

I fell about laughing, and quickly replied, “No problem Gareth shall we have a chat online instead?”

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