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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Just be aware

One thing I was fast learning on the Mature Free and Single website was that like all the online dating sites one has to be aware of online scammers. The good thing about this site though is that it is closely monitored and there is the facility to report anyone that you believe is not who they say that they are.

It’s funny but the more profiles and people that I had contact with it soon became apparent who was for real and who wasn’t. I hate to say this but I was always wary of any man who was 6ft 4 and extremely good looking who stated that he had a high flying career as a doctor or such like, earning 100k plus. Now I am not saying that such people do not join dating sites by any means but what I found common with quite a few of these profiles was that their grammar and spelling was sadly lacking. Don’t get me wrong I am not the best in the world and I admit that I myself am an avid user of the spellcheck facility on my laptop.

After logging on to the site one evening I received a long email from one gentleman who’s profile read very positively and his photo was to die for. However the email was full of spelling mistakes and it was obvious he was not who he professed to be. He claimed to be a doctor, which made me smile because he could not even spell the word. His email read in poor English and he repeated himself over and over.

Sometimes I admit out of devilment I play along just to see if I can trip these people up and once they know that you are on to them they quickly disappear. They tend to ask for your personal email because they would love to know more about you. They also seem to become very affectionate too, some even professing love before they even know you.

The other emails I did receive were from men who professed to be God fearing looking for their spare rib, usually they were widowed with a young son or daughter, very respectful and very flattering regarding any photographs they had viewed.

Men on the site have told me that they get contacted by younger ladies and although they are very flattered they realize that there may be an ulterior motive for the contact, some even falling prey and sending someone money when they are asked to do so.

I always always report any person that I have any doubts about and would advise anyone else to do the same.  It is impossible for any site to eliminate scammers completely but with all the members watching out for such like scams it does keep them down.

All in all I do think that the Mature Free and Single website is an excellent way to meet the person of your dreams, just be sensible keep your head, don’t be charmed and happy hunting.