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Keep positive part three

When I got home after meeting Tony from the site I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to find that I had received an email from Pete. My heart began beating faster, would he be offended when I offered what I meant to be constructive advice, regarding his diary entry in which he was complaining that he was getting no response.

I feel that it is easier to have a positive attitude to online dating and although I agree it sometimes can feel that things are not moving as quickly as perhaps one would like; but in my experience it has usually been down to me and how I chose to come across in my profile/photos and diary entries.

I opened my email from Pete with one eye shut hardly daring to read what he had wrote and then opened both eyes and started to smile. What was this, he had simply put, “see new photo and profile”. A man of few words indeed.

I clicked on his profile and was amazed by his photograph was this the same man? He had put on a photograph which he had taken by his webcam so it had yesterday’s date on it which was always a plus because that was the proof that it was indeed recent.

Smiling to myself I read his updated profile which although was short was much better than his previous one in which he had said he was straight talking and looking for someone to share the cost of any dates.

Now he had written “that he was a straight talking man” (nothing wrong with that some women prefer that) but he had softened it by adding “and I know that I maybe can come across as a bit hard but I am a softie really. Looking to meet someone who would like to share some time together for meals and days out as friends to begin with then maybe more if we click!”

I noticed that he had also written a diary entry which said: “After being taking to task by a lady on this site who said that my diary entry basically came across as being a bit miserable and my photo and profile giving little encouragement for anyone to contact me, I have now changed everything. It has been hard for me to let the real me come across after being taken for a ride in a previous relationship; I admit to becoming a bit too cynical, but I have now decided to get some positivity back into my life and I thank the lady concerned for taking the time to point out where I was going wrong.”

No word of a lie, I filled up, there is always a reason that some diary entries may come across almost as a cry for help sometimes, but behind the negativity usually there is a sensitive soul and if they allow that to come out in their profiles or diary entries then someone can relate to them and that’s how relationships can begin.

I knew that Pete would now find someone on the site, what woman could not respond to such an honest and open diary entry like that? I sent him a quick email simply saying: “Brilliant profile and very nice photo, good luck although I don’t think you will need that now”.


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