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Keep positive part two

When I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website the morning after sending my email to Pete in which I had given him advice, to hopefully get a better response from the ladies on the site, there was no response. In one way I felt a bit relieved, I did hope that I had not offended him but no way could I sit back and let someone be angry with a dating website that worked so well if members took the time to write a decent profile and upload a flattering photo, or at the very least one in which they had a bit of a smile on their face.

I logged off and went to work thinking I wonder what had happened to Pete to make him come across a little bit dour and bitter. I was meeting someone from the site for a drink after work. We had met before so I did not feel nervous in anyway, he was very good company and although older than me we had formed a good friendship. The site had definitely increased my social life in a good way.

At 6pm I entered the local family pub restaurant to find Tony stood waiting at the bar for me with a diet coke which was very welcome. We sat down in a corner for a catch up as to what had happened to us both over the last few weeks.

Tony was telling me about a date that he had been over the weekend. We were laughing because he was describing how nervous he felt before meeting Penny but once he had met her everything went smoothly and they were meeting again on Friday night.

I began telling him about the diary entry from Pete and my response that I had sent him. He spluttered into his drink saying “well love that will go one of three ways, you will either get thanked, blanked or abused for your input.”

I smiled weakly “I did it to be helpful, honestly Tony, it upsets me when people slate the site when they could get the results if they just tried a little bit better”. I asked Tony if some of the ladies had negative profiles and photographs “Oh yes” was his response “although I can’t think why they would want to spend money joining a dating site and then put on a photo which does not do them any justice at all. Anyone can take a selfie and if you take enough you can usually find one that is halfway decent.”

I shook my head in agreement.  “You are so right Tony I take my own photos and although I feel a bit stupid I just try to think of someone I love and just imagine that they are in front of me and smile. It’s pointless putting on a group photo because potential dates don’t know which one you are unless they ask.”

We both laughed and after a pleasant drink we said our goodbyes and Tony said “let me know if you hear back from Pete” and I told him I would

To be continued……………..




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