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Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance affairs can be difficult, so it was with some reservation that I decided to begin chatting online to Tony.  At first I thought that it would not do any harm. He was so polite and witty.  I forgot that he lived In Norwich which is a good 4 hours drive away from me.

We progressed from emailing to chatting on the phone, and we could chat for hours on end with no problems, we decided to progress on to using Skype and then at least we could get more of a feel for each other.

Well, you would have thought it was an actual date. I took about 2
hours getting ready; I even shaved my legs and painted my toe nails!
Why, I have no idea, maybe it was a confidence thing,  it was not as if I
would be climbing on the table and doing a catwalk so he could see my
legs and feet.

I blow dried my hair and applied make up, thinking I hope I look like
my photograph, and he is not disappointed in what he sees. Near the
allotted time I turn on my laptop and fiddled with the settings to see
if I could get the webcam and mic in good working order. I then
proceeded to move it around the room to see in which light I looked
the best! Mmm I am not vain am I!

After finding the best spot near the window I was satisfied that I
looked reasonably human and checked the clock to see what time it was.
Hmm still five minutes to go … I looked at myself on the screen and
looked at what he would see behind me and nearly collapsed, a pair of
my Bridget Jones knickers were on the radiator. I jumped up and nearly
fell in my rush to move them, just has he tried to get through to me. I
pressed the ‘Accept’ button and in my haste stumbled and lost my balance,
so the first thing he saw of me was my face pressed against the

‘Hello’ he said, I quickly moved back and smoothed down my blouse which
had ridden up to show a spare tyre that would have looked good on a
four by four!

‘Hello Elaine’ he said smiling ‘are you ok?

’Yes’ I said, feeling myself going bright red, stuffing the Bridget
Jones knickers behind the cushion on my settee

‘Hi Tony how are you?’

‘So at last we meet’ Tony said. ‘It’s so different when you see
someone moving  rather than just looking at a photograph’

‘Much better’ I smiled, and said ‘Oh, so you’re not disappointed then?’

‘Not at all’ he replied, ‘you look lovely, have you got ready
especially to talk to me on here?

‘Oh no, I said, ‘this is how I am every day. I like to make an
effort’, crossing my fingers behind my back and hoping against hope that my nose was not growing like Pinocchio’s.

Mmm this webcam Is not bad at all, I could get used to this……

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  1. Paul

    Funny story! Made me chuckle…..like your style Elaine 😉

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