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Long Distance yes or no

Things were bubbling nicely with my long distance friend John in Cornwall, we were chatting most evenings on the instant messaging facility and I was getting to like him more and more. I did use the distance filter on the Mature Free and Single website but because it had been my birthday John had emailed me initially.

He was very positive that distance is not a problem when you like someone but I had reservations I had tried a long distance relationship with someone from the site before and he lived a lot nearer that John did, but it did not work because neither of us put enough effort in to it. Yes I had taken a three hour train ride to see him and he had taken a few days holiday from work to see me but to me that was not a true reflection of a relationship. More of a holiday romance maybe.

John said that because he was retired things would be much easier and he was prepared to do the traveling, but would it work out?

I continued to see people who lived local to me, but John was always at the back of my mind. Maybe the distance thing made him seem more attractive a case of wanting what you can’t have maybe. !!

A few of the friends I have made whilst being on the site found love and left the site but still send me the occasional email to keep in touch with how things are going. Nigel was one who was actually having a long distance relationship with a lady he had met on the site.  He was happy and so was she, they had been seeing each other every other weekend for the last three months and although they missed being able to see each other in the week he was confident that they would eventually get together even if it meant he had to move house.

He kept telling me to give John a chance, after all what had I to lose they told me when he was prepared to travel 380 miles to see me, then I should let him then we could see if there was anything there to develop.

I decided to bite the bullet and to tell John that I was willing to meet him but that we both had to be realistic as although we got on great guns online it may be different face to face. John was over the moon and said he would look into booking a Travel Inn nearby to where I live, he said he would book a room for three night so we could have a long weekend together. Obviously 380 miles traveling by car would not be a “day out”.

I booked a day off work so I could take the Monday off and I hoped that I was doing the right thing, it is one thing  to meet someone for a coffee and another to meet someone and have a three day date!

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