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Making a video

After giving it lots of thought I decided that I was going to make a video so that members of the Mature Free and Single website could get a better understanding of what sort of person I am. It’s okay putting a photograph online but when you see someone actually moving online you get a much better impression of what they are going to be like in real life.

After watching quite a few online videos from the male members I was laughing hysterically, with tears streaming down my face. It was the ones that started to giggle midway that made me laugh; you could see them trying to compose themselves and then their voice would break and they would dissolve and the video would be stopped.

I know, that when I used to have to do sales videos in previous jobs, that the giggles can ruin many a production although I think it just shows that we are human and that talking to a camera does not feel normal and obviously pre-staged.

I was also aware that quite a few videos did not do people justice when they go on and on and on with no smiles, just words that would help with insomnia!  Somewhere between the two a balance could be reached so I decided to have a go myself.

Now I would be lying if I did not tell you that washed my hair and put on a full face of make-up, then tried on 4 outfits before I was ready for my production. I made sure that the area on view behind me on my webcam was clear and uncluttered.  (After all it would not do to have washing on the radiator or the remnants of my evening meal on my tray for one would it.)

I made sure the lighting was sufficient as I did not want to look like I was one of those people on TV that sat in the dark because they did not want to be recognised. This was supposed to be a promotional video, promoting me!

Luckily the video procedure on the Mature Free and Single website was very easy to use, it even has prompting suggestions giving ideas on what topics to talk about. What could be easier, lol, I began my recording saying hi and giving my name, age and location, that was the easy bit. I was concentrating on how I looked on screen which made me pause a few times and brush the hair out of my eyes. Then concentrating on what I was saying I tried to come across in a friendly positive manner. No one wants to listen to a moaner.

When I had finished I played it back to see how it looked and sounded before submitting it for approval. The first two attempts were, in all honesty, not the greatest. The first one made me look like a startled rabbit and the second one found me flicking the hair out of my eyes looking like I had some sort of nervous twitch, which believe me, was not attractive. Finally, on my third attempt, I was happy that I came across basically as I am. I sent it through for approval then logged off the site smiling to myself. Who would have thought it, me making a video !!!

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