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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Mature, Free but no longer Single

After trying several online dating sites without much luck I decided to give The Mature Free and Single website a try. What appealed to me was the fact that it targeted the right age group for me, finally no more emails from 20 odd year olds looking for either a mother figure or a cougar!

The Mature Free and Single website made me feel in control. I could chose the ages of any potential partners along with their location, which basically made online dating far easier. I also liked the fact that because it was a paid for site I felt safe. In my eyes anyone that pays to join a dating site is serious about finding someone.

Whilst I was on the site I made lots of friends through reading their diary entries which is another big plus to The Mature Free and Single website. This gave me a much clearer picture to the person as opposed to just their profile because diary entries made the writer more real.

I first started chatting to John 15 months ago but never ever thought we would meet, it was through his diary entries which made me contact him in the first place, he came across as a sensitive, genuine man with a good sense of humor, but the fact that he lived 350 miles away made me think that we could never be an item.

We followed each other’s dating experiences and encouraged and commiserated when things did not go exactly as we wanted them to go. As time went on we realized that we both had exactly what the other one was looking for, but distance was the problem.

I was beginning to get disillusioned would there ever be anyone like John who lived near me. We decided to have a chat on the phone and then our phone calls became a regular thing. Not five minute chats either oh no they were marathon 2, 3, 4 and 5 hour calls.

We then realized that we had to meet each other just to see if the chemistry we had on the phone was the same when we met in person and we decided that it was worth the effort.

John came to see me March 2014 for a long weekend and stayed in a nearby hotel. The chemistry was definitely there and even though the distance was difficult we both thought it was definitely worth the effort and saw each other every other weekend.

I am so pleased that we took the chance and made the effort to meet and develop our relationship because without the site we would have never met.  I am  pleased to tell you that we got married on the 28 February this year, so finally we can both say that we are mature, free but no longer single.

I have enjoyed writing about my dating journey on The Mature, Free and Single website and I would like to thank everyone who has followed my progress. It worked for me for lots of other people. So if your wondering about dipping your toe, then wonder no more, take a deep breath and JUMP IN.

Happy Dating x

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