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Meeting John from Cornwall

After speaking with John from Cornwall on the phone for three weeks we both decided that it was time to meet. He had booked a travel lodge for a long weekend and today was the day that he was arriving. I was a jumping bag of nerves. It was such a long way for him to travel, 350 miles just to see me!

I had cleaned my house from top to bottom, why I don’t know, because he was not staying here, but I wanted to be able to invite him to see where I actually lived. I was watching the clock all of the day. He had text me to say he was setting off four hours ago so I knew within two hours we would meet for the first time.

He was going to give me a ring when he had booked into the hotel then I was going to meet him and have a meal together, OMG my nerves were in shreds. I had showered and washed and dried my hair then after applying my makeup I tried on two outfits decided that the first one was the nicest and I was now sitting waiting for him to ring me.

Why do I put myself through this I thought to myself for the hundredth time?  The expectation of him liking me and me liking him was enormous. Calm down, I said to myself, we both know that we will have a good weekend; he was after all a lovely polite man and we had spoken to each other for hours over the last three weeks. What was my problem!

I knew it was worrying me that there may not be that attraction spark or worse still, it was there for one of us but not the other. This is why I always recommend meeting for a coffee, that way you can always go your separate ways after an hour or so.

No, I had really set myself up for this date, the distance thing made it a three day event. He was such a gentleman saying that I had not to worry, if I did not want to see him again after our meal, he would entertain himself for a few days and visit places in the area that appealed to him. That made me worse, why do I put myself through this.

Pondering deep in thought my mobile rang and I almost jumped out of my skin, OMG ,OMG it was him. “Hello”, I croaked into the phone, “Hi” he said “I am here”. My heart was pounding, surely he could hear it. “I am just going to have a shower and get changed” he said calmly “how about we meet here in an hour?”

“Okay” I replied “I will see you in the hotel restaurant in one hour”. “I am so looking forward to meeting you” he said. No pressure then, I thought, why do I do this! To meet the man of your dreams and this could be him, said a little voice in my head.

To be continued.

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