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Merry Christmas everybody

Christmas has finally arrived and after opening my presents I logged on to the Mature Free and Single dating website and I was amazed how many people are logged onto the site it was like a huge party for single folk.

The diary entries were being put on regularly which in its self is fantastic considering it is Christmas day. I quickly wrote one wishing everyone on the site a very Merry Christmas and soon I was playing ping pong sending messages back and forth.

A few of my rather negative friends where bemoaning their fate at being single at Christmas but I laughed at them and said bah humbug and that gave them a laugh. I tried my hardest to cheer up the ones who had lost their longtime partners after all this is a mature dating site and told them to remember the happy times and that they would not want to think of them sad at Christmas.

I was lucky enough to be going to my daughters for my Christmas lunch so after talking to good online friends with instant messaging I logged off to begin the celebrations.

When I logged on later I had received a message from Jim a member who I did not know wishing me a happy Christmas and commenting on my positive attitude to both online dating and being alone at Christmas. One went on to say that it was very off putting when people came across as desperate to go out with anyone. I knew what he was talking about just because some people are single does not mean that anyone will do. If like me they have been married before it makes it even more important to find the right person and not just anyone will do.

I wrote back agree with what he said and we struck up a long debate on instant messaging about the pros and the cons of dating when over 50. We had a right laugh and although he lived out of my area this did not put me off because after all we were just having a chat.

He told me that he had joined the site a month ago after his daughters had told him it was time to get out on the dating scene again and that they would help him with the photos and profile. We laughed when he said that he scrubbed out their write up about him and put his own which was short and to the point. He had shared his Christmas lunch with them and his grandchildren and rather than watching Coronation Street he had decided to go online and see what was happening.

We chatted for an hour and a half both agreeing that we had enjoyed our chat and agreed to chat again on Boxing Day night.

Signing off the site I smiled to myself, Jim may live a bit further than usual but he had made my Christmas day special and for that I was very grateful. Who know what will happen in the future watch this space

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