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Michelle & Martin Find Success on MFS!

“On Sunday 30th of June I was searching again, i didn’t have to look very far, i found the man i wanted i kept reading his profile looking at his photo,it was a lovely picture of Martin and his daughter i sent him a wink then saved him in my favourites, the following day Martin had winked at me and saved me as a favourite, i was so pleased, he was sending me messages unfortunately i was unable to read them, this went on for 4 days i subscribed to the site on saturday morning when i finished work, I read my messages and sent one to Martin explaining, i got one in return, he thought i didn’t want to know, that evening we were both online, it was good to chat finding out about each other, we seemed to have so much in common, our likes and dislikes we were chatting for hours, i was getting tired on the computer, i asked if he would like to speak on the phone, he gave me his number i only meant to talk fot 10 mins ; but it was so easy we were getting on so well, think we spoke for an hour and half . We exchanged mobile numbers, with our shift patterns at work its going to be difficult to see each other very much.

We decided we were going to meet each other on sunday afternoon it was a glorious day, we met in a pub car park i was so nervous but i was so relieved to meet him, we gave each other a welcome hug, took my dog along with me introduced him to Martin, then followed Martin to our destination which was Weelsby Woods a big park in grimsby everything was perfect we held hands went a big long walk the three of us talking all the time, got some ice creams, then laid on a blanket in the hot sunshine it was so nice we were there 4 hours time went so quickly, what a wonderful day. we didn’t want to leave each other but we both had things to do.

late that evening we were back on the phone again for 3 or 4 hours we seem to be doing this every night, we have so much to talk about, we are finding we really miss each other. our second date we are all going a walk on the beach.

We both want to thank you so much for helping us find each other.

And to others on the site hopefully you will all find your perfect partners.

kind regards


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