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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

My Happy Ending


 After endless dates which were on the whole great fun I had finally found the man I was looking for. My older man was the one for me. We went on many more successful dates after our first meeting for Sunday lunch. We took our time getting to know each other and we would sit and chat for hours on end.

We laughed at the same things and even enjoyed the same food. It was if it was meant to be.  He had only just joined the site the week before we started emailing and  found it quite amusing all the previous dates I had been on and the various meeting venues  where my dating took place.

He had read every dating blog I had ever written, which did not faze him because he is the man of my dreams confident in his own skin, strong through life experiences, positive by nature and with the benefit of a wise and caring personality.

  I had read so many times about the so called spark that happens when you meet the man of your dreams and now I can honestly say I understood exactly what it meant. I knew the moment I looked into his eyes that we had a connection, which along with his impeccable manners and his intelligent conversation which concluded the winning combination that sealed the deal and captured my heart.

I would I recommend the Mature Free and Single dating website to everyone.  I have had masses of fun made numerous friends all in the same boat looking for friendship and love.  We encouraged each other when we felt down and made each other laugh. Writing diary entries really work and it’s a way to get to know the writer and their thoughts and feelings and I found them a delight. It was great to sign on to read the latest episodes in the life of the average would be dater.

I still receive private emails from past members who too managed to find true love on the site.   We laugh at the memories of things that happened. It is true that not everyone finds their happy ever after on dating sites but I have to say it certainly helped me through many a lonely evening sat home alone. I have laughed and cried reading some of the profiles which are all individual and say so much about the writer.

I’ve had a 84 year old wanting to take me out to lunch (older than my Dad) and had the complement of 40 year old guys asking me out.

I have got to know about different parts of the country from Lands End to John o Grouts. Looked at hundreds of photographs and had lots of winks.

I always knew that there was a man out there for me and as the saying goes you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince.

Well thank you Mature Free and Single because my Prince has finally arrived.

Elaine x