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New Year new photos please

I was looking through the new members on the Mature Free and Single website to see if there was anyone who lived nearby who looked interesting. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try not to dismiss people without giving them a chance, one thing I have found out is that the camera does lie. I have had many a pleasant surprise when meeting someone who looked much better in real life.

I tend to change my photo every month just to keep it interesting, not out of vanity just because I know that I don’t want to see the same photo of someone month after month it gets boring and if I can give you any advice it would be rotate your photos. New Year, new you and all that.

One question I do get asked regularly, is if my photo is a recent one, so I tend to put on a webcam photo as well because that has the date on it!!!

I used to be quite shy asking someone if their photo was current but after one particularly bad experience of meeting a man, who I actually thought he had sent someone else in his place. Don’t get me wrong he was a really nice man but the fact that he had, in my mind, tricked me, put me off.

After looking at several profiles and their photos, I emailed a few of them welcoming them to the site; no longer do I sit and wait for people to contact me first. We do live in the 21st century after all and personally I think it’s quite nice when you join a site and receive some nice emails from current members.

About 20 minutes later an email pinged into my inbox from one such member thanking me for taking the time to email him, his name was Jim and after losing his wife a few years ago his daughters had talked him into joining the site to build up some sort of social life again. A lot of people join the site to look for some company which in some cases can turn into something more.

We sent some emails backwards and forwards and I gave him some tips on using the site to its full capacity and how to spot the scammers because unfortunately even with the best sites in the world a scammer can worm their way onto sites. What I like about the Mature Free and Single website is that you can report anyone who you feel is not who they say they are and it will be taken seriously.

I have spoken to men who have told me that they had been asked for money after being given a sob story online, which is a shame really because when they have helped someone they never hear from them again. So I told Jim not to be fooled by flattery and just to be aware.

He was really grateful, I could tell he was a genuine man and definitely someone who I would keep in touch with.

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