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Night out continued



My date opened the door of the restaurant for me, and I was amazed at how many people were in there for a Thursday evening. We were led over to the bar to wait until a table became available.

Immediately, I offered to buy him a drink. Now I am quite old fashioned, in the sense that on the first date, the man should pay for a meal, especially if it was his idea to ask you out. But, I do believe it’s only fair to offer to buy a man a drink, in appreciation for the forthcoming meal. He accepted my offer and said he would have a pint of Coke because he was driving.

We sat on the high bar stools looking at each other. It is always strange when you have spoken to someone so much on the phone, and emailed each other, to actually meet in the flesh.  I was having crafty little glances, not wanting to stare, just has he was doing the same to me.

‘See’, he said, ‘I am taller than you. Stand up and let us see’.

Now I’m a woman that blushes easily, and that definitely made me blush. I had made a point on my profile that I was 5ft 8 and wanted to meet someone who was the same size, but ideally, taller.

Allan had started at 5ft 10 on the first conversation, then 5ft 9 after being measured at the gym!  We stood up together, closer this time, to see. He was indeed a little bit taller than me, although I was wearing flat shoes.

 One thing I did notice was that he smelt absolutely divine, of something I had never smelt before. I asked him what it was, and he said it was an aftershave by Chanel. It was really lovely.

We sat back on our stools and talked about the mature free and single website. How much fun we had searching through the profiles and the diary entries of the members. We both agreed that you are indeed noticed if you write a diary entry now and again.

We were called to our table and he took control of the ordering, which, if I am honest, I rather liked. We had a starter of cheesy garlic bread. (We both had it so if I did get a kiss (which I hoped I would) at the end of the night, we would smell the same)

We both opted for a steak for our main course, and the conversation never stopped flowing. We laughed constantly at each other, and some of our previous experiences on the website. He had met four previous ladies from the site, and had enjoyed all the meetings.  But somehow that thing called chemistry and SPARK was not there for him.

I smiled to myself, thinking ‘Well I definitely feel a spark between us’, and took another sneaky look at him.  He was looking at me smiling, and I am pretty sure that there was a spark in his eyes too.

All in all this was a very promising first date.

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