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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

No regrets


I have made many friends on the Mature Free and Single website and I enjoy hearing about their dating experiences and outcomes. One particularly good friend who I talk to every week on the phone is an older gentleman who lives miles away from me in the South of England. We connected online straight away because we both have the same sense of humour and we used to encourage each other when we had down moments. We talked each other through our frustrations, when we thought that we might never find that special someone with who we could connect with fully.

 I know we will always be life long friends. I have followed his experiences online with interest. He went out with 7 ladies before he found the woman of his dreams. Yes he had ups and downs and used to say: “Is it all worth it Elaine” ? I used to say “Of course it is, life is all about timing and when the time is right then the right person will appear for you”.

He met all the ladies for a coffee and a cake usually in a local garden centre and always arrived early, dressed smartly to impress.  He was surprised that a few of the ladies who he met did not make an effort and arrived in a pair of jeans and in his own words, looked as if they had made very little effort.

What is it they say, you only get one chance to make a good impression!  When he met the final lady who he believes is the one for him. He was impressed how she carried herself. She had made the effort and looked very smart. Her manners were impeccable; she arrived on time and showed a genuine interest in all what he had to say.

They had a coffee and then walked around the garden center looking at various plants and sharing memories with each other because lets face it you do not get to 74 without a lot of memories

My friend had been married for 51 years before becoming widowed and his new lady had been married and widowed twice. Yes they could have decided that at their age dating another person was not an option.  

But no, they made the effort and have found so much pleasure in each other. They go for long walks, share meals together and have arranged coach trips together, which lets face it are much better if you have someone to go with.

He said to me yesterday on the phone, “Elaine I was so near to giving up at times, dating can be hard your hopes can be dashed.  But I am so pleased I carried on because if I had not done so then I would not now be with the women who i believe will be with me for the rest of my life”.

“Was it worth it I asked”?  “100 percent was his reply, 100 percent. I would recommend to everyone that it  is definitely worthwhile becoming a member of the Mature Free and Single website”.