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Old fashioned date


After emailing another member on The Mature Free and Single website who looked very interesting we progressed to texting and then finally talking on the phone.  We both agreed to meet up the following Thursday at a French restaurant in town for a meal,  followed by a trip to the cinema.

After taking lots of time with my appearance, because as we know first impressions do count it was time to set off to the appointed place. He was already there waiting for me and he did not disappoint. He was very tall 6ft 3  great for me being 5ft 8 and he was also very nicely dressed in a smart casual way.

The restaurant was beautiful with crisp white table clothes and single candles placed on every table. It was a really romantic setting for a first date.

 We hit it off instantly, which I thought we would, and even after talking freely on the telephone for the last few evenings we were not short of anything to say to each other.

We both ordered a starter and a main then sat back and discussed what had brought us to join a dating site. He unfortunately was a widower after losing his partner of 30 years to a heart condition which was very sad. This was eight years ago, so he could chat about it easily about it which is always a plus, because nothing destroys a first meeting more than someone who is either still grieving or slightly bitter about their past.

Our meals came which were delicious and after he very generously offered to  pay the bill.  We decided to walk the short distance to the privately owned cinema which was like stepping back in time to my childhood. It was tiny and a refreshing change from the big duplex cinemas that are all around now.

I paid for us both to go into the cinema, which I thought was only fair after he had been kind enough to pay for my meal and we walked the short distance to our seats, there was even an old style organ at the front .

 We sat towards the back for a better view of the screen and sat through the trailers before the main film. Another thing I noticed was that the sound system was much quieter than the magnified sounds of the new style cinema’s.

The film began and he reached for my hand which felt quite natural and made me smile. Sometimes I feel like a teenager again with all of this mature dating. Half way through there was an interval and a lady was stood at the front with ices for sale, just like the old days.

The film concluded and he walked me back to where I had parked my car. He said how much he had enjoyed the evening and I was in full agreement. I don’t think I have enjoyed an evening as much for a long time. He asked me if I would like to meet up again on Sunday and I instantly said yes.

All in all a perfect first date.

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  1. polly

    Fantastic ..you have given me hope as I am just investgating which site will be best for me to meet someone genuine.
    Please feel free to e mail me if you have any advice as I am quite nervous.
    good luck with your next date

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