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Paddy & Subhasni Find Success on MFS Australia

“I like to thank you for the opportunity to have meet a really beautiful, sincere, loveable, compassionate lady on this dating site. I was a bit apprehensive about Internet dating or even meeting a nice mature lady on the Internet, as I have had some bad experiences in the past.

I recall viewing Subhasni profile, and it instantly appealed to me because of her culture and upbringing. So I sent her a witty message which gained a response and her phone number which was really nice. I was excited to ring, just because I felt we would hit it off really well. After chatting for a short while, we kind of hit it off in a sense. And we chatted and texted each other on a regular basis which I love and enjoy.

That weekend after speaking for some time we decided to catch up with each other in Sydney which was really nice. We visited Paddy market and then Darling Harbour. The day was that enjoyable, I felt sad when it ended, as we kept each other amused and in laughter all day. At the end of the day I gave Subhasni a kiss on the cheek which was very nice.

The following weekend Subhasni, felt comfortable to come to Wollongong to meet at my home, which was very nice indeed, as we spent the day down the coast at a place called Greenwell Point, were we had lunch and just enjoyed each others company.

When we arrived back at my home after a really nice day out, I recall giving Subhasni a beautiful kiss, that lasted about 10 minutes. As I was so happy to have meet a nice down to earth sincere and compassionate lady who I felt shared the same feelings for me.

Since, then we have become inseparable which is nice in a way as we have taken an interest in each others well being and how their day is.
I feel a real warm compassionate feeling towards this beautiful lady. Who makes each day for me feel far more happier, less stressfull and exciting

I would love to spend more time with Subhasni and get to know her even better. As I love her so much just because of her qualities as a mature and beautiful lady..


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