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Tony & Sue find love on MFS

Here’s the latest success story sent in from Tony, who’s been with us for 5 months.

“I had been on this site about 5 months, I met quite a few nice ladies but was beginning to wonder if I would find the perfect one for me.

It was the beginning of October when I spotted Sue’s photo, she looked good and had an interesting profile so I mailed her asking if she wanted to chat. Fortunately she did and we spent a couple of weeks sending emails back and forth, this was followed by a couple of telephone conversations and we eventually met on 24th October.

Because Sue doesn’t drive we arranged to meet at a pub close to her home. I think it’s safe to say the meeting was a huge success, after the initial contact and the nerves had settled down, the conversation flowed all evening, it was if I was with someone I had known for years, not someone I had just met. I certainly wasn’t disappointed with her appearance either, she has a lovely warm smile, a wicked twinkle in her eyes and a very friendly personality.

The evening passed all too quickly for me but we did arrange to meet the following week to celebrate my birthday, when we enjoyed a nice meal together. We have met on numerous occasions since and it gets better each time as we become more at ease in each others company.

The future is looking pretty rosy just now and I can’t thank the site and it’s staff enough for the service they provide.

To all the members on the site who are feeling frustrated at their lack of success in finding a partner, I would say hang in there, your time will come, all good things are worth waiting for.

Best wishes Tony”

Awww!! That’s so good to hear. Thank you Tony for the kind words and all the very best to you and Sue for your new future together!!

From everyone at MatureFreeAndSingle.


Weekly Update


I logged on to my laptop and noticed that I had received an email from The Mature Free and Single dating site informing me of my weekly update, I find these fascinating and quite a unique thing for an online dating site. It informs me many people have viewed my profile, which is always a plus just in case I have missed anyone who looks interesting. Along with how many winks and how many messages I have received.

I have noticed that the longer I have been on the site, the higher the numbers are climbing up. I am gaining both admirers and friends and my favorites box is beginning to look quite healthy now. It is a good feeling to log on and know that there is always someone to chat to and with whom you can have a laugh and exchange your thoughts with.

I checked my other emails and noticed that there was one from someone without a photograph. Now I have noticed varying degrees of thoughts about someone having a profile without having a photograph displayed. Quite a lot of people say on their profile if you do not have a photo I will not reply.

That is a bit hard, because sometimes the member may have just joined the site and their photo may be waiting for approval.  I also think that if someone has bothered to email me by name its only good manners to reply.  

He came across as highly polite and intelligent and said that he had read my profile and had found it very open and honest and he liked my photographs too and would I like to chat. Now the chat facility is an excellent tool for having one to one chats with someone, but I personally prefer to have received a few emails from someone in the first instance.

So I sent him a email back saying thanks for your email but I do not use the chat facility until I have got to know someone a little better, have you just joined the site?

About 5 minutes later he replied that he had indeed just joined the site and after reading my diary entries he thought that I came across as a woman who would reply to his email (see I told you writing diary entries work)

I smiled to myself wondering how many people disregard profiles without photographs without checking them out. His profile showed me that he was quite a lot older than me and he was looking for friendship. Well I can never have enough friends on the site and we exchanged half a dozen emails in which I explained how the site worked and what he could do to get the best out of his online experience. He was very grateful and said he was going to have an attempt at uploading a photograph the following day.

Like most people he was a little bit lost regarding what to write on his profile and the advice I gave him was just write it from your heart and let it flow. He said he would have a go and thanked me very much for my help.

Get me!  I am now helping other new members!!!


Happy New Year


New Years Eve and I had no plans for the evening. This is the time of year that you can feel rather lonely without a partner. I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to read some diary entries and was surprised to see lot of other members online too.  Interesting! So it’s not just me then that is staying in on New Years Eve,

I was enjoying reading the diary entries, telling of years gone by and happy memories and I was smiling to myself whilst sat eating a bag of jelly babies, I know how to celebrate New Year.

As I scrolled down the page I noticed a good looking guy called Richard, who lived quite near to where I lived he had written that although he had been through a difficult few years he knew he would  that things would be better in 2014. I liked the fact that he had such a positive attitude, good on him I thought and decided that I would send him an email.

I wrote “Hi Richard, I’ve just read your diary entry and I have to say, I admire your positivity, good on you” and pressed the send button.

I carried on reading through the diaries chuckling thinking its not so bad being home alone on New Years Eve, because I had such good company in the comfort of my own home.

A message landed in my inbox from Richard and it said. “Hi Elaine, thanks for your email, just because I am at home on my own  on New Years Eve I am determined to remain positive because moaning gets you nowhere , look what being positive has done for me, receiving a message  from a good looking lady who lives so near me. Regards, Richard.

I smiled to myself a charmer huh, but I had to admire him. I had seen that a few members had put diary entries that sounded a little bit sorry for themselves; I can appreciate that it must be difficult for some people.  It’s a well known fact that Christmas and the New Year can be difficult for a lot of people.

Soon after that I started to get a steady flow of emails from my good friends on the site most of who lived miles away, we keep each other up to date of what’s happening in our lives.  We were like one big happy family.

My best friend on the site had managed to bag himself a date with a lady on the site that he had been pursuing and had thought she was not interested because she had cried off on one date due to her son breaking his finger and been asked to take him to A& E . I smiled to myself remembering the email he had sent earlier saying how excited he was. I do hope it was going well for him.

I was brought back to the present by an email alert hmm who could this be? It was Richard again , So tell me Elaine, what are you doing tomorrow would you care to meet for a drink.

It looks as if 2014 is going to be a good year for me

Happy New Year x


Merry Christmas


Christmas day arrived and I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and I was amazed how many people were online. I quickly type a diary entry wishing everyone a merry Christmas. The diary entry was approved almost straight away, which surprised me really because I would have thought that no diary entries would be printed on Christmas Day.

In no time at all I was receiving messages from the male member’s online wishing me a Merry Christmas and asking me what I was doing with myself  and if I was going to visit relatives. I was playing the usual ping pong email game replying to every email I received.

Then I noticed that my long distance friend was online so we wished each other Merry Christmas and caught up with each others progress on the site. He was telling me that he was supposed to meet someone the other day but she cried off when she said she had to take her son to causality with a broken finger. He asked me if I thought it was an excuse because she did not want to meet him. I said I doubted that very much.

I noticed that one male member called Paul who had asked me out at least a dozen times was online and then right on cue he sent the usual message when are you going to meet me for a drink?  I hovered over the reply box, I had to admire him, and he had not given up asking me, I was a little bit frightened of taking the leap but then thought, Why not, I am on a dating site for a reason to meet new people.

 I laughed to myself,  I will give him a shock and say yes, so I quickly typed Okay I will meet you for a drink after Christmas. I pressed send and my message flew into cyber space and landed in his inbox.

A few minutes later I received an email from him saying, great have a lovely day, I will email you tomorrow to arrange where and when.  Meanwhile you have a think where you would like to meet.

 I smiled to myself, well this would be my first date and he seemed nice enough so why not it would be better than being sat in alone on Boxing Day. I signed out of the site and headed out of the door to visit my family.

I signed on again on Boxing Day and after five minutes reading the diary entries I had received an email from Paul the persistent!  Asking where I would like to meet up. I had seen that there was a brass band playing at a local pub near to where I lived so I quickly sent Paul a reply saying where the pub was and what time it started. He replied saying that sounds good to me, see you there at 2pm?

I smiled to myself and replied back saying it’s a date! Now what to wear on a first date???    


Writing diary entries


I was having so much fun visiting the Mature Free and Single website, I could not believe how easy it was to use.  I was enjoying reading all the diary entries. Although a profile is great, somehow you can get to know more about how a person ticks by what they write in their diaries.  Most were very positive which I think is fantastic.

I decided that I was going to start writing some diary entries myself  so I wrote about how easy I was finding the site to use and in no time at all I was receiving messages from yet more men saying that they agreed with me.

Somehow it gives the shyer ones an excuse to email someone, when you have the diary section and its a feature that many dating sites do not have.

 One man who emailed me always wrote interesting diaries, so we struck up a conversation which went back and forth all evening. He lived hundreds of miles away, so it was not as if we were going to meet up, but it was lovely to communicate with someone and it also passed on what would have been a lonely few hours for me.

I also find it interesting to see what everyone is doing for Christmas, because being single at Christmas can be quite daunting to some people. Lots said they were going to spend time with their families and the odd few were saying that they were spending Christmas alone.

My long distance friend Michael introduced me to the chat facility which I thought was brilliant and his replies had me laughing out loud. He was a little bit shy about contacting some ladies like most of us I think he was worried about rejection. We made a pact that we would both email three other members  and then compare notes, in no time at all he was emailing me saying that he was emailing a couple of ladies who lived near him and appeared interested in what he had to say.

I was nervous about contacting someone first but decided just to keep it light and say.  Hi, my name is Jayne and I have just joined the site, how long have you been on here?

Two out of the three emails responded saying how long they had been on the site and started to tell me of a few of their dating experiences. Wow I thought this is far easier than what I thought it would be.

Michael my long distance friend and I kept emailing each other with our progress which again was good because he could give me the male perspective and likewise I could give my side for the ladies.

By the end of the evening I had made yet another couple of good friends and saved them to my favourites so I would be able to see when they were online.

Still having lots of fun doing this online dating. Somehow I think this Christmas is not going to be that lonely for me after all.

Merry Christmas everyone x


Daily dose of attention !

The day after I had joined the site I logged on to see if my profile and photographs were now active online.  I clicked in and could not believe it.

I read the words, here’s your daily dose of all the attention you’ve received on The Mature Free and Single website in the last 24 hours… Don’t forget to keep logging in to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, or anyone! I scrolled down to read the other information.

What the heck! It said that 70 people had viewed my profile in the last 24 hours! I had 15 winks and 19 messages; I had the biggest smile on my face, what an ego boost for a divorced lady who was beginning to feel a little bit past her sell by date.

I sat down in shock and started to read. Some of them were Ice Breakers, that is they were sent to all the ladies on the site, I had thought about sending one myself but I had not felt confident enough and I thought I would save that for later when I had found my feet on the site.

I scrolled down the messages to a guy who looked rather nice and read his email which said, Hi Jayne, I came across your profile which is very similar to mine, take a look and maybe we can chat sometime? Peter.

 I clicked on to Peters profile feeling rather shy because it showed that he was online. Don’t be silly I said to myself he has emailed you. I read down his profile and he was indeed very similar to me, after being married for years he had now found himself single again.

Was it really going to be this easy? I looked further down the list to find that I had received an email from an older gentleman, much older than me in fact 30 years older. I opened it and it said.

Hi Elaine, if you would like me to take you out to lunch sometime just let me know. I quickly typed back a reply saying Hi, thanks for the kind offer, but I am looking for someone nearer my own age. I had decided  after reading lots of the diary entries from the men on the site that some ladies did not respond to their emails. I had decided then that if someone had taken the time to email me, using my name that, I would have the courtesy to reply.

I looked at a few of the emails in which the men had winked at me and there were some pretty good looking ones in there. I checked out their location, but unfortunately they lived too far away. But feeling quite liberated now I sent a cheeky wink back. How brave am I getting?

I was going to have so much fun of this site


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