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Our Latest Success Story – Gary & Tracy

What a great story to have in from one of our members just before Christmas! Here goes…

“Gary and tracey,  Gary was my first date from mature free and single, can’t believe I was so lucky to hit it off with him so quickly, we txt each other first, then spoke on the phone everyday for a week, must say was a lot of hours chatting he just makes me laugh so much and is very easy going, first date was at a local pub, the minute I saw him I thought corr he’s gorgeous! As well as all his other great qualities.    I have 2 young children too and thought it would be hard to trust someone enough to involve a man in thier lives, but it’s been no problem they both get on really well with Gary,   We see each other twice a week and enjoy lots of nice days out, but sometimes just chill at home enjoying a meal and watching television.   We are planning a good time with family over Christmas too.   I was on the dateing site 2 months before the right person came along for me so don’t give up just be patient, dreams can come true 🙂 I’ve never been so happy xx”

Congratulations Gary & Tracy! We all hope you have a fantastic Christmas together, and let there be many more happy ones ahead too!!



Writing my profile


 After a restless night sleep dreaming about meeting various men from the Mature Free and single website, I was finally ready to write my profile. I sat at my dining room table opened my laptop and wrote the following:

 Hi my name is Elaine and I am 52 years old and I am hoping to meet people who like me have found themselves alone after being with someone for a lifetime.

 I am an honest, caring and a sensitive woman who loves to laugh and have deep meaningful conversations on just about any subject. I have joined the site in the hope of finding a man who is genuine, intelligent, loyal and caring with a good sense of humour. Beauty is only skin deep it’s on the inside that counts.

I believe when you truly love someone, you work together to bring out the best in each other, in order for you both to be the best you possibly can be. I am not interested in playing games or scoring points. I believe in being in an equal relationship, to have interesting conversations and spend quality time together.

I love cosy nights in with a lovely home cooked meal, nights out at the cinema, and lazy Sunday pub lunches. It’s the company that counts not the location, or the expense, just two people who enjoy being with each other with similar qualities, hopes and dreams.

I read it back and thought that it sounded okay at least I did not sound like a gold digger or someone who was only interested in meeting someone who was tall dark and handsome. I checked the spelling and clicked the button to send it off to be approved.

Scary or what!  This was it I was going live online. I had seen two of my girlfriend a few nights ago and they had taken some photographs of me. We had such a laugh, they must have taken over 50 photographs which I downloaded on to my computer and we sat and went through them together. I explained that the site advised taking a clear photograph preferably alone and not too far away. After discounting 48 photos due to imperfections which showed up on the photo’s I never realised I had such a big nose!  Now I understand why these celebs pose in a certain way every time you see their pictures.

Finally I had 2 photos and I followed the instructions online which I found very easy to do and then, they too were waiting to be authorized. I felt a mixture of emotions, excited, scared, vulnerable, what if no one liked the look of me? What was I doing?

I looked at the membership price which I thought were quite reasonable I decided that the three month option was probably a good start for me and entered all my bank details and clicked the button and I was now officially a member of the Mature Free and Single website.

Woo Hoo     


Mature Free and Single is the site for me

 Finding myself alone at the age of 52 was a strange experience for me; I had been with my husband from the age of 15. I suppose it was usual story I married too young and we eventually grew apart.  But after a period on my own I decided that I needed to get my life back on track, find some male company and build up my social life again.

I decided to do some research on the internet and was amazed by the number of online dating sites I found.  I clicked into many of them only to jump back out straight away. Some sites were so seedy or they appeared to be full of young people.  My friends found it hilarious and said I could be a cougar and find a little cub to mother! Forget that for a lark I wanted to find a nice man similar age to me with good old fashioned manners.

After several evenings surfing the net I came across the site called Mature Free and Single, now that was a name I could appreciate, basically it said it all. Because I am mature, free to date and also single after just finalizing my divorce.

I decided to investigate and put in my details just so I could have a browse at the members on the site. This was a paid for site and to be honest I did not mind that because it shows that the people on the site are serious and wanting to find someone. Unlike the free sites which did not suit me at all. I was not looking for a brief fling I was looking to find someone genuine and who was basically looking for the same things as me.

I have to admit that I was impressed with the caliber of the men on the site. I spent the whole evening looking at various profiles and noted that they fell into categories of Friendship, serious relationship or Fun.  Now there was a question for me what was I looking for? I suppose I was hoping to find the man of my dreams online. I pondered for a while and then decided if I joined the site it would be Friendship initially, which hopefully would lead to more.

I saw that I would be required to write a profile about myself and there was a section where I could put my height, eye colour etc. I read through everything carefully seeing a section for uploading my photographs.  I was excited but also a little frightened too. This was all new to me. I did not really know what to expect.

 I decided to sleep on it and take another look again the following evening. I did not want to rush into anything, so I switched off my computer and went to bed thinking about how I would describe myself  in my profile and which photographs that I had which would look good online.    

To be continued.




A Norfolk Success Story

We were delighted to receive this success story this Saturday…

“Both myself and Sharon accept that you may share our story with everyone.

I initially contacted Sharon after seeing her picture and reading her profile on a Wednesday evening. We agreed to meet at Davenports Magic Kingdom, North Walsham, Norfolk at 11.30am on the Thursday. Roy Davenport, a friend of mine, must have waved his Magic Wand as we had coffees and chatted non-stop. The following day, Friday, we went for a ride along the North Norfolk Coast for the day. Everything was clicking just right. We could not meet on Saturday due to my work but Sunday afternoon, together again at Sharon’s. Monday included carvery lunch before back to my place. Tuesday was still non-stop chat when we were together most of the day. This seemed so unreal, the way we matched so well.

Just a telephone chat on Wednesday but together again all day today. I still wonder if this is a dream but she pinched me to prove it is not.

If there was ever a perfect match I do not think it could be better than ours.

We talk about anything and everything, likes, dis-likes, it is amazing that we have found each other.

Maturefreeandsingle was the website that brought us together last Thursday 31st October.”


My Happy Ending


 After endless dates which were on the whole great fun I had finally found the man I was looking for. My older man was the one for me. We went on many more successful dates after our first meeting for Sunday lunch. We took our time getting to know each other and we would sit and chat for hours on end.

We laughed at the same things and even enjoyed the same food. It was if it was meant to be.  He had only just joined the site the week before we started emailing and  found it quite amusing all the previous dates I had been on and the various meeting venues  where my dating took place.

He had read every dating blog I had ever written, which did not faze him because he is the man of my dreams confident in his own skin, strong through life experiences, positive by nature and with the benefit of a wise and caring personality.

  I had read so many times about the so called spark that happens when you meet the man of your dreams and now I can honestly say I understood exactly what it meant. I knew the moment I looked into his eyes that we had a connection, which along with his impeccable manners and his intelligent conversation which concluded the winning combination that sealed the deal and captured my heart.

I would I recommend the Mature Free and Single dating website to everyone.  I have had masses of fun made numerous friends all in the same boat looking for friendship and love.  We encouraged each other when we felt down and made each other laugh. Writing diary entries really work and it’s a way to get to know the writer and their thoughts and feelings and I found them a delight. It was great to sign on to read the latest episodes in the life of the average would be dater.

I still receive private emails from past members who too managed to find true love on the site.   We laugh at the memories of things that happened. It is true that not everyone finds their happy ever after on dating sites but I have to say it certainly helped me through many a lonely evening sat home alone. I have laughed and cried reading some of the profiles which are all individual and say so much about the writer.

I’ve had a 84 year old wanting to take me out to lunch (older than my Dad) and had the complement of 40 year old guys asking me out.

I have got to know about different parts of the country from Lands End to John o Grouts. Looked at hundreds of photographs and had lots of winks.

I always knew that there was a man out there for me and as the saying goes you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince.

Well thank you Mature Free and Single because my Prince has finally arrived.

Elaine x


Sunday lunch.


 Sunday arrived and I was excited at meeting my lunch date  who I had been chatting to online.  We were meeting at a country pub for lunch and I dressed with care not wanting to be overdressed nor too causal.  In the end I chose some smart black jeans and a floaty top.

I was nervous driving over because I really wanted this man to be as good in the flesh as he appeared online, I arrived ten minutes early and although I did not know what he drove I saw a jeep over in the corner of the car park with someone sat in it, although I could not see clearly if it was him. I rang his mobile number and said I was in the car park.

The jeep door opened and he got out and began walking towards my car. Now this is the bit which I find both exciting and scary. Would I like him and more importantly would he like me. I looked at him as he drew closer and I definitely was not disappointed, he was quite a bit older than me but did not look it, he was so handsome and had a great body.

He came close and gave me the continental kiss on each cheek and said he was pleased to meet me. We walked into the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. We looked at each other and I said to him, “Am I like my photograph.” “Better he replied, your photographs online do not do you justice, you are lovely”.

I could not take my eyes from his face he had a lovely well trimmed goatee beard and he was wearing a white linen shirt and smart pants, he really looked good.

We were led to our table and we both had a look at the menu and we both decided to go for the chicken salad and then began updating each other on our lives to date. He had only just joined the site and after seeing one of my diary entries he had made a joke which broke the ice.

We both had basically joined the site in the hope of finding true love after both having failed relationships Our meals came and it was difficult to eat because we had so much to tell each other. He spoke about the fascinating life he had lead which was quite unbelievable to hear about and was really interesting.  I found myself looking at him and thinking wow you are so lovely how lucky am I.

When we were having our coffees he spoke of how much he was enjoying my company and how much he would love to see me again. I smiled to myself; I knew then without doubt that we would be seeing each other again. When we had finished our meal he paid the bill and walked me back to my car.

Would you like to see me again Elaine he asked. Definitely I replied knowing without doubt that this was going to be the start of something really good.

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