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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

New Member


One day after logging onto my laptop I noticed I had received an email from The Mature Free and Single Dating website. It was displaying all the new members who had just joined the site;

I was scanning through the photographs when I saw one that caught my eye. He looked very nice, he was my age, lived three miles away and his name was Geoff. I quickly sent him a welcome email saying:

Hi Geoff,

Welcome to the site. My name is Elaine. I just wanted to tell you that this is a brilliant site and there are some lovely people on here. It can be a bit daunting to begin with but you will soon learn how to get the best from the site. So good luck Geoff and if you need any help or advice please feel free to contact me.



I pressed the send button and then did not think about it again until two days later when I logged onto the website and noticed that I had received an email from Geoff which said the following.

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for your email welcoming me on to the site. I am new to all this and yes it did seem a little daunting until I received your email which made me realise that everyone feels that way to begin with.

I never thought I would ever come onto a dating site, but I suppose everyone says that.  Someone at work said I should try the Mature Free and Single website just to make some new friends so here I am.

Tell me Elaine, how have you found the site?


I quickly type back a reply saying that I was enjoying the site and had made several friends from the ages of 42 up to 84. I went on to tell him that I had been on several dates although I preferred to call them meetings rather than dates, because, I was online looking to make friends.

I then went on to tell him about the diary entries and how they were a good way to get his personality across and explained that it was through writing and responding to peoples diary entries which had enabled me to make many friends from Scotland right down to Lands End.

I pressed the send button and went on to write a new diary entry telling the other members a funny story about my day.

Later that evening I was reading through the male members diary entries chuckling at some of the comments from my many friends when I saw the photo of Geoff and his diary entry read:

Hi Everyone

I am new to the site and after emailing a regular on here who advised me to write a diary entry to get noticed I thought I would give it a go. I could do with some more tuition regarding the site though so I wondered if the lady who is a regular would like to meet me for a coffee.

I smiled to myself, hmmm, it would appear that I was going out for yet another coffee.




 One day I was sat reading various  profiles when I suddenly decided that I was going to write an ice-breaker message. I had never done one before and I thought it would be a brilliant way to reach all the male members on the Mature Free and Single website.

Basically I was looking for someone around my age who had similar interests and who lived in my area so I played around a bit and came up with the following:

Are you my Mr Darcy? Are you tall dark and handsome with your own stately mansion?  Are you wealthy with a strong desire to meet me and take me away from all this?  Failing that, do you live in the West Yorkshire area, over 5ft 8inch tall with a good sense of humour and a passion for good conversation.

I posted my ice-breaker with a smile and waited for it to be approved.  It did not take long and once live I began to get emails pinging into my email box.

Hi Elaine

 Mr Darcy here, I am tall dark and handsome and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, let me take you away from all this and treat you to a luxury break in France.

From  Jock 73 in Scotland.  

I giggled 73 was just a little bit old for me but he had a great sense of humour.

The next message read:

Hi beautiful lady,

 I may not look like Mr Darcy whoever he is, but I can offer you a night out down at my local working mans club if you fancy it. They do a good turn on a Saturday night. Not being tight but I would expect you to buy your own pint and bag of pork scratching I am not made of money!

From Nigel 50 in Sheffield.

Hmm I thought what an offer! But I think I will pass on that one.


Hi Elaine,

I have just read your ice-breaker and although I may not be tall dark and handsome as you can probably tell by my photograph and profile but I have a good heart and I am a genuine man, looking to meet a lady with a sense of humor and a nice smile. If you like what you see, please drop me an email.

Richard 62 from  Leeds

Now there is a possibility.

I looked at his photographs and profile. He looked like a nice guy. His photographs were clear and close up, plus he had taken one with a webcam which is always good because it puts the date it was taken so you can see that it is indeed a recent photograph. His profile was well written. He had clearly taken the time and thought about what he had written.

Oh yes he definitely lived up to my Mr Darcy requirements. :   I quickly typed back a reply.

Hi Mr Darcy you seem just they type of man I am looking for, would you care to chat?

Ice-breakers do work I thought smiling to myself.


A different sort of man part two !


My heart was beating ten to the dozen. Here I was stood in the garden center about to turn around to meet someone from the Mature Free and Single website.

Hi I said turning with a smile on my face which froze as I looked into his eyes, He looked quite serious too. I felt like we had met before somewhere, but where?

Hi Elaine he said again and smiled.  I have a really strange feeling that I have met you before. How weird is that?

We both laughed then which broke the ice and made our way into the garden center café, we both ordered a coffee and sat at a table near the window.

How many we both said together then laughed. After you he said. How many people have you met from the site I asked? He grinned at me and said would you believe you’re my seventh!

Yes I laughed because you’re my seventh too. We both laughed nervously something was very strange here.

We chatted quite happily talking about our lives to date, we had actually lived fairly near each other for years and we had both got married very young and both had two daughters.

He had worked in advertising and so had I. So we had plenty to talk about.  We ordered another coffee and told each other what how hopes and dreams were. He was so easy to talk to and the time was flying by.

He had the most amazing green eyes and I was just about to tell him so when he said, You know what Elaine, you have the most amazing blue eyes, I laughed out loud and he asked what was so funny, I was just about to make a comment about your green eyes. We both shook our heads at the irony of the situation.

We decided to have a walk around the garden center and we were stood looking at all the flowers, let me guess he said I think you are a roses fan, I laughed and thought how true that is, my favourite flower is an orange rose. He went on to say and I bet it’s the orange ones that you like the best.

My mouth fell open how did you know that I said. He laughed and said I just had a feeling. In fact I feel like I know you inside out and I’ve felt like that since the first email we exchanged. How bizarre I thought that was exactly how I felt.

He picked up a bunch of orange roses and took them to the cashier and brought them back and said for you Elaine. Why thank you I replied that is very kind of you.

He took hold of my hand which felt right and we walked around the outside looking at all the garden furniture and decking. We both sat amongst the water features and I looked into his eyes and he gently leant forward and gave me a soft lingering kiss. Mmmmm could this be my soul mate.


Different sort of man !


I received an email from a guy who was rather different from the type of guy who I am usually attracted to but because I think it is only polite to reply I sent him a brief email back and after reading the diary entries,  logged offline and went to bed.

The day after when I logged on again, I noticed there was another email from him again and once again I was drawn to his profile.

Aged 61 5ft 10 divorced, worked in the medical profession.  The only other words simply said :  Looking for my soul mate.

I studied his photograph thinking he is not the type of man I would go for at all but something was drawing me to him which I could not explain.

He had sent me a lovely email telling me a bit more about himself and asking me questions about my life and interests. We both were quite spiritual and had the same interests and likes and dislikes. But I just could not get past the fact that I did not instantly think wow he looks good.

Now not everyone takes a good photograph this much I do know. But there was still something that was pulling me towards him.

I sent him a friendly email back and that’s how we communicated for the next week ping pong emails. After the first week he asked me for my phone number which I gave freely because I really liked his personality he was great fun and made me laugh out loud.

He text me the next day asking if I was having a good day and said would it be okay for him to ring later that  night. I text back and said yes it would be okay for him to give me a call later.

I looked at his profile again and noted that he had been looking at mine. I was feeling nervous but yet excited about taking to him on the phone,

At 8.30pm my mobile rang and I immediately saw on the screen it was him. I took a deep breath and pick up the phone and said “Hello”

“Hi Elaine” came back a really deep voice hmm nice voice I thought, the sort I could meditate to quite easily.

We chatted for about half an hour about this and that and then he asked me if I would like to meet for a coffee  the following weekend and I agreed but strictly as friends only. He laughed at this and said fine no problem, so we arranged to meet in a local garden centre the following Saturday.

Saturday arrived, I did not go overboard I just pulled on a pair of jeans and a white blouse and brushed my hair and put on a bit of lipstick, then set off to meet my new found friend.

I arrived at the garden center early so I was looking at the water features when I heard a deep voice say.

” Hi Elaine ” I turned round slowly to meet my new found friend:

To be cont:


A man with confidence

I was online reading through some  profiles when I came across one that really appealed to me, hmm he looked good I was studying  his profile and looking at all his photographs and smiling to myself.

There was something about him that attracted me to him; maybe it was his dark hair and deep brown eyes. He lived about 30 miles away and worked in logistics. I was gazing at his photograph when I received a message, once opened, I saw it was actually from him.

Hi Elaine, I noticed you looking at my profile so I thought I would bite the bullet and send you a email rather than going down the winking route.

This made me smile because that showed me that he had confidence and was quite direct which was just the sort of man I was looking for. We had a similar sense of humour and agreed to meet up that Saturday which was two days away.

When Saturday finally arrived I was a bundle of nerves. I had kept viewing his profile again and again and I had noticed he had been doing the same with mine. We were meeting in a shopping centre which was about half way between where we both lived.

I dressed with care, casual but smart and set off in good time so as not to be late. When I was driving into the car park my phone starting ringing I pulled into a space and answered the phone.

“ Hi Elaine said a lovely deep voice, I am here I know I am early are you here yet”?

“Yes” I replied “ I have just parked up, where are you”?

He told me he was stood outside the main door. I checked myself one more time in the mirror, hmm all okay. My tummy started doing somersaults. Will he like me, will I like him. Oh well I thought lets get over there and find out.

I climbed out of my car and looked across towards the main entrance and I saw him leaning against a pillar looking around to see if he could see me.

Now I have very bright red hair and I am quite difficult to miss so has I began threading my way through the cars he spotted me and waved. I waved back and hurried across to meet him.

“Hi Elaine, he said “I spotted you a mile off”

“Yeah I replied it’s the hair it’s a dead give a way”

“These are for you”, he said and produced a beautiful bunch of orange roses from behind his back

“Orange roses, my absolute favourite thank you so much”

“You’re very welcome” he replied.

Smiling at each other we made our way through the main doors and headed towards the coffee shop. This was definitely going to be a very good date.


David meets Sharon !

I was away from work on annual leave, and decided to go online and visit the Mature Free and Single website.

 I was busy reading various profiles which I find fascinating. You can tell a lot about someone by their profiles. I was reading one, smiling to myself because it was rather funny.

“Mike, 6ft 2 tall, fair and handsome. David Beckham look alike, disguised as a 5ft 9 grey haired man.”

That made me chuckle. Certainly different and showing a good sense of humour. He went on to say that he was looking for a Sharon Stone look alike but would at a pinch accept a Julia Roberts!

Again, this was a different sort of profile.

I was looking at his photos; there was one of him obviously on holiday, sat at a table having a drink. He looked so relaxed and tanned; it was obviously taken somewhere hot. Another photo was of him skiing.

Hmm… I thought, he likes his holidays, but then again who doesn’t.

He stated that he worked in sales and marketing, and was an Advertising Manager. I used to sell advertising for a local newspaper, so that would be a good way in to introduce myself.

I quickly typed up a message.

“Hi David (aka Mike), I have been reading your profile and as David Beckham is my idol I thought I would drop you a message. I used to work in advertising, selling space.

It was all good fun especially on deadline day. Do you enjoy it?


Sharon (aka Elaine)”

I did not have long to wait until a reply came back.

“Hi, finally the woman of my dreams. I was getting tired of fighting off Julia Roberts.

 You Sharon, (aka Elaine) are my perfect woman”

I chuckled to myself he certainly had a sense of humour. He went on to say he was the Advertising manager for a large well-known magazine, and was on annual leave. He had only just joined the site after ending a long relationship. He was now looking for friendship with a view to more if he met the right person.

He had already been on a few dates, hardly surprising looking at his photograph, and went on to tell me about the dates. Although he said both were really nice, they were just not for him.

Our emails batted forward and backward, and then we decided to go on to Instant Messaging, which is a much faster way of communicating. The time just flew by and we found that we were interested in the same things and we both loved going to the cinema.

After an hour or so, he said –

“I feel like I know you so much already Elaine.

How do you fancy meeting up tomorrow for a drink, and then perhaps going to on to the cinema?”

Hmm… I replied. That sounds good to me.




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