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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Is he the one?


After receiving a few winks from a new member to the site, I was intrigued. Was that all he was going to do?

After looking at his profile several times, I decided to take matters into my own hand. I emailed him the following –

‘Hello Richard, thank you for the winks.  What do you think to the site then? I wondered if you were ever going to send me a message, or do you just like to wink at all the ladies?’

Fairly soon I got the following response –

‘Hoy you –

What is all this waiting for me to get in touch? ‘

Then a wink, followed by another message –

‘Are we going to meet up for a beer then?’ (With his phone number)

Result: I quickly typed my mobile number and sent it to him. Then, shortly after, my phone rang.

He sounded lovely and we arranged to meet the following evening at a lovely country pub/restaurant, which was halfway between where we both lived.

The usual nerves began to kick in with me during the afternoon. I wonder if I would ever get over the nervousness of meeting someone new. Some people find it exciting, but I am just plain nervous.

I decided that because it had been a lovely sunny day, I would put on a long floaty dress and a short cardigan.

Hmm… I looked quite good and pleased with the result, so I set off to the allotted destination.

I arrived 5 minutes early and as I pulled into the car park, I saw him waiting. My heart gave a little jump with excitement; it was very strange because he was not at all my usual type.


I am 5ft 8 and usually like taller men. He was approx. 5ft 7, although he had said he was 5ft 9.

He was quite slender, and I usually go for a stocky build.

I am only 56; he was 63, the oldest man I had met from the site.

Anyway, I got out of the car to go and greet him. He had a big smile on his face, which matched mine.

We walked in to the pub and I said I would like to buy him the first drink.

He replied – ‘No, let me’

I insisted and bought him a pint, and I had a tonic and lime. We went to sit outside in the beer garden, which had a stream running alongside. Enjoying the last hour of the sun we sat there chatting for a couple of hours. Then, we decided to go inside, went to sit on a settee and had a coffee.

It felt so relaxed and natural and we found each other sat staring in to each others eyes.

Then I knew that this was the elusive spark, which I had read about so many times. We could not take our eyes off each other and he leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss.

 Could be the one!     


Instant Connection


I signed on to the Mature Free and Single website one Saturday to be greeted with a message. “Hi Elaine, My name is Robert and I have just joined the site, I have to say your photo and profile stood out a mile. I would love to chat to you”

Wow I thought that is a direct message with no messing about.. I quickly typed my response which said that I would be happy to chat and would be online later in the evening. I sent my message and within minutes I got a message back saying “Fantastic I will be online around 7pm tonight” with a smiley face.

 All day I was thinking about my forthcoming chat with Robert. Would we get on? Is he the one, my mind was in a spin. The poor guy we had not even chatted online and I had us living happily ever after.

I was watching the clock from 5pm why was the time going so slow. When it was 7.00pm  I signed online and instantly the box dropped down letting me know that someone was trying to instant message me.

I accepted the invite and waited for the site to connect us both, I have to admit my heart was beating like mad. I had read Roberts profile and he lived within 30 minutes of where I lived which was a big bonus.

Suddenly a message came through from Robert saying “Hi Elaine we talk at last” We ping ponged messages all night and I was openly laughing at the screen, he was such good fun. Was there nothing negative that I could find about Robert?

We were chatting online for two and a half hours before agreeing to sign off. We had both really enjoyed our first chat together and I have to admit feeling a little bit smitten with him. I also felt that maybe he was feeling a bit that way about me too.

We said our final goodbyes after finding that we were both busy on Sunday so we arranged to chat again on Monday evening.

We exchanged mobile numbers something that I don’t normally do with someone that I had only chatted to once but he was so nice that it felt like the right thing to do.

I switched off my laptop and sat back and smiled to myself I felt so happy. He really did seem like such a lovely man. How was I going to last now until Monday night. I sighed to myself; gosh I must have it bad. Just then my mobile went I had received a message and it was from Robert and it said.

“How am I going to last until Monday night without contact from you?” I laughed out loud, and quickly text back. “I know Robert I feel the same.

This I was sure was the start to something good.   


Michelle & Martin Find Success on MFS!

“On Sunday 30th of June I was searching again, i didn’t have to look very far, i found the man i wanted i kept reading his profile looking at his photo,it was a lovely picture of Martin and his daughter i sent him a wink then saved him in my favourites, the following day Martin had winked at me and saved me as a favourite, i was so pleased, he was sending me messages unfortunately i was unable to read them, this went on for 4 days i subscribed to the site on saturday morning when i finished work, I read my messages and sent one to Martin explaining, i got one in return, he thought i didn’t want to know, that evening we were both online, it was good to chat finding out about each other, we seemed to have so much in common, our likes and dislikes we were chatting for hours, i was getting tired on the computer, i asked if he would like to speak on the phone, he gave me his number i only meant to talk fot 10 mins ; but it was so easy we were getting on so well, think we spoke for an hour and half . We exchanged mobile numbers, with our shift patterns at work its going to be difficult to see each other very much.

We decided we were going to meet each other on sunday afternoon it was a glorious day, we met in a pub car park i was so nervous but i was so relieved to meet him, we gave each other a welcome hug, took my dog along with me introduced him to Martin, then followed Martin to our destination which was Weelsby Woods a big park in grimsby everything was perfect we held hands went a big long walk the three of us talking all the time, got some ice creams, then laid on a blanket in the hot sunshine it was so nice we were there 4 hours time went so quickly, what a wonderful day. we didn’t want to leave each other but we both had things to do.

late that evening we were back on the phone again for 3 or 4 hours we seem to be doing this every night, we have so much to talk about, we are finding we really miss each other. our second date we are all going a walk on the beach.

We both want to thank you so much for helping us find each other.

And to others on the site hopefully you will all find your perfect partners.

kind regards



Paddy & Subhasni Find Success on MFS Australia

“I like to thank you for the opportunity to have meet a really beautiful, sincere, loveable, compassionate lady on this dating site. I was a bit apprehensive about Internet dating or even meeting a nice mature lady on the Internet, as I have had some bad experiences in the past.

I recall viewing Subhasni profile, and it instantly appealed to me because of her culture and upbringing. So I sent her a witty message which gained a response and her phone number which was really nice. I was excited to ring, just because I felt we would hit it off really well. After chatting for a short while, we kind of hit it off in a sense. And we chatted and texted each other on a regular basis which I love and enjoy.

That weekend after speaking for some time we decided to catch up with each other in Sydney which was really nice. We visited Paddy market and then Darling Harbour. The day was that enjoyable, I felt sad when it ended, as we kept each other amused and in laughter all day. At the end of the day I gave Subhasni a kiss on the cheek which was very nice.

The following weekend Subhasni, felt comfortable to come to Wollongong to meet at my home, which was very nice indeed, as we spent the day down the coast at a place called Greenwell Point, were we had lunch and just enjoyed each others company.

When we arrived back at my home after a really nice day out, I recall giving Subhasni a beautiful kiss, that lasted about 10 minutes. As I was so happy to have meet a nice down to earth sincere and compassionate lady who I felt shared the same feelings for me.

Since, then we have become inseparable which is nice in a way as we have taken an interest in each others well being and how their day is.
I feel a real warm compassionate feeling towards this beautiful lady. Who makes each day for me feel far more happier, less stressfull and exciting

I would love to spend more time with Subhasni and get to know her even better. As I love her so much just because of her qualities as a mature and beautiful lady..



Old fashioned date


After emailing another member on The Mature Free and Single website who looked very interesting we progressed to texting and then finally talking on the phone.  We both agreed to meet up the following Thursday at a French restaurant in town for a meal,  followed by a trip to the cinema.

After taking lots of time with my appearance, because as we know first impressions do count it was time to set off to the appointed place. He was already there waiting for me and he did not disappoint. He was very tall 6ft 3  great for me being 5ft 8 and he was also very nicely dressed in a smart casual way.

The restaurant was beautiful with crisp white table clothes and single candles placed on every table. It was a really romantic setting for a first date.

 We hit it off instantly, which I thought we would, and even after talking freely on the telephone for the last few evenings we were not short of anything to say to each other.

We both ordered a starter and a main then sat back and discussed what had brought us to join a dating site. He unfortunately was a widower after losing his partner of 30 years to a heart condition which was very sad. This was eight years ago, so he could chat about it easily about it which is always a plus, because nothing destroys a first meeting more than someone who is either still grieving or slightly bitter about their past.

Our meals came which were delicious and after he very generously offered to  pay the bill.  We decided to walk the short distance to the privately owned cinema which was like stepping back in time to my childhood. It was tiny and a refreshing change from the big duplex cinemas that are all around now.

I paid for us both to go into the cinema, which I thought was only fair after he had been kind enough to pay for my meal and we walked the short distance to our seats, there was even an old style organ at the front .

 We sat towards the back for a better view of the screen and sat through the trailers before the main film. Another thing I noticed was that the sound system was much quieter than the magnified sounds of the new style cinema’s.

The film began and he reached for my hand which felt quite natural and made me smile. Sometimes I feel like a teenager again with all of this mature dating. Half way through there was an interval and a lady was stood at the front with ices for sale, just like the old days.

The film concluded and he walked me back to where I had parked my car. He said how much he had enjoyed the evening and I was in full agreement. I don’t think I have enjoyed an evening as much for a long time. He asked me if I would like to meet up again on Sunday and I instantly said yes.

All in all a perfect first date.


A photo never lies or does it!


A good friend of mine from the site was telling me about his dating experience.  He had been chatting with a lady for the last few months online, and they had been getting on famously. He kept asking her out, and she had kept making excuses, with various social occasions that she needed to attend.

They had developed the relationship to talking to each other a few times a week; he was getting more and more desperate to see her, and asked me what I thought. I reassured him that I thought there was nothing untoward, as she had been quite open and upfront by giving out her home phone number. Believe me, if someone has reservations in that direction, there is usually a good reason. I advised him to ask her outright if there was a problem.

He rang me a few nights later and said he had spoken to the lady in question. He asked her how she felt about meeting him, and if she had any reservations, what were they. She had told him she was worried that he may be disappointed because the photograph she has online is slightly out of date.

‘By how long?’ he asked.

 ‘About 10 years’, she replied.

To say that he was shocked put it mildly, more so because she had not been able to talk to him about it.

What happens now? I asked.

“Well, he said I still really like her and I want to meet her. I believe that I have got to know her from the inside out if that makes sense.”

I understood completely what he meant, because before meeting someone we build up our own impression of someone.

But, until you meet you really do not know if the chemistry is there. He contacted me again, to say that she had agreed to meet him for a coffee at a garden center the following Saturday. He was on tenterhooks counting the days until they finally met.

The day dawned, and the meeting took place.

Yes, he could see that she looked different from her photograph, but not in a bad way at all. The chemistry was there for both of them, and the relief that they both felt was enormous.

When he rang me again, it was to tell me that they had been seeing each other a few times a week and that they are extremely happy together. She realised that she had been silly posting such an outdated photograph online and wasting so much time.

I strongly believe that there is someone for everyone and we have to be honest about who we are and what we are because, believe me dating sites like this one work.

Happy hunting x  

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