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Night out continued



My date opened the door of the restaurant for me, and I was amazed at how many people were in there for a Thursday evening. We were led over to the bar to wait until a table became available.

Immediately, I offered to buy him a drink. Now I am quite old fashioned, in the sense that on the first date, the man should pay for a meal, especially if it was his idea to ask you out. But, I do believe it’s only fair to offer to buy a man a drink, in appreciation for the forthcoming meal. He accepted my offer and said he would have a pint of Coke because he was driving.

We sat on the high bar stools looking at each other. It is always strange when you have spoken to someone so much on the phone, and emailed each other, to actually meet in the flesh.  I was having crafty little glances, not wanting to stare, just has he was doing the same to me.

‘See’, he said, ‘I am taller than you. Stand up and let us see’.

Now I’m a woman that blushes easily, and that definitely made me blush. I had made a point on my profile that I was 5ft 8 and wanted to meet someone who was the same size, but ideally, taller.

Allan had started at 5ft 10 on the first conversation, then 5ft 9 after being measured at the gym!  We stood up together, closer this time, to see. He was indeed a little bit taller than me, although I was wearing flat shoes.

 One thing I did notice was that he smelt absolutely divine, of something I had never smelt before. I asked him what it was, and he said it was an aftershave by Chanel. It was really lovely.

We sat back on our stools and talked about the mature free and single website. How much fun we had searching through the profiles and the diary entries of the members. We both agreed that you are indeed noticed if you write a diary entry now and again.

We were called to our table and he took control of the ordering, which, if I am honest, I rather liked. We had a starter of cheesy garlic bread. (We both had it so if I did get a kiss (which I hoped I would) at the end of the night, we would smell the same)

We both opted for a steak for our main course, and the conversation never stopped flowing. We laughed constantly at each other, and some of our previous experiences on the website. He had met four previous ladies from the site, and had enjoyed all the meetings.  But somehow that thing called chemistry and SPARK was not there for him.

I smiled to myself, thinking ‘Well I definitely feel a spark between us’, and took another sneaky look at him.  He was looking at me smiling, and I am pretty sure that there was a spark in his eyes too.

All in all this was a very promising first date.


Ang & Tom’s Success Story

We’re delighted to have got another success story in the post. This time from Ang and Tom, who joined the site in December 2012.

Ang & Tom met on MFS

“Dear MFS,

Tom e-mailed me for the first time last December, he said he found my profile interesting and was attracted by my blonde hair. When we got chatting, we discovered that the conversation flowed easily and that whilst in some respects, we were total opposites, we did have a great deal in common. We decided to meet up after a few weeks of furious e-mailing, texting and a couple of telephone conversations. Our first date was in a really nice local pub and, despite the nerves, we hit it off straight away, although he did say that i talked a lot!! we agreed there and then to a second date and the rest is history. I never thought i could be this happy again, meeting Tom (and of course his cat) has totally changed my life.
We are going on our first weekend away on Saturday and we cant wait! Looking forward to summer as we are planning a week abroad. Thank you so much to MFS for bringing us together.
Whoop whoop!! Well done you guys! All the best for the future 🙂
FreeAndSingle Customer Care

Couple find success on MatureFreeAndSingle

Our Customer Services team are cock-a-hoop to have received another success story this morning. Receiving them always lifts the spirits in the office. Please keep spreading the happiness by sending in your success story!

Dating Success Story“Many thanks to MatureFreeAndSingle. After a bad breakup and joining the above site , it’s great to inform you that I have met a new lady. Two and half months later things are going from strength to strength , we have just booked to go to Kenya in November on safari , something that was only a dream but now with the right person has become a reality. If I hadn’t joined this site I would have probably still been miserable and lonely but not anymore.

So a big thank you and anyone wanting to know if these sites work Yes Yes Yes go for it.”

Many thanks guys, and all the very best for the future!!



Night out


I received an email from a man on the dating site, which made me smile, it said,

‘Saw your photo and thought, hmm, read your profile and thought yeah, you sound really promising Elaine. We are not too far apart. Read my profile and let me know what you think.’

Well this was a different approach, and it made me smile. I looked at his profile and it basically said he was a very young 61 year old, he sounded different and full of fun, he was also into bike motor sports.

Hmm, someone completely different to me, but maybe the man who could take me out of my shell a little.  I liked that idea so I sent him an email back, basically saying hello, and letting him know I was interested in a subtle way.  Well, this went on for the next couple of days, and then I decided to let him have my mobile number so we could talk in person.

Its funny, the steps that you take when you are a member of a dating site, and particularly a mature dating site. First the emails, then the telephone, and then hopefully the big meet.

I loved the sound of his voice on the phone, and we were chatting non-stop for three hours the first time.  The following night saw us talking again for two hours this time, and this time he said ‘Look I really like the sound of you and I would love to meet you in person, how would you like to go out for a meal with me? Your choice of restaurant. Result? I was happy to accept for the following Thursday, a score of text messages ping ponged between us for the next few days.

I even went out and bought a new dress for the occasion, usually I wear smart trousers or even jeans and leggings, but for some reason I wanted to look ultra feminine for this man. I bought a long dress.

I had never felt so excited about a meeting, and not once did I have any doubts. For some reason I knew this was going to be a very special first meeting.

The day came, and I was okay all day until I got ready, then the nerves kicked in. I took special care of my appearance and once ready, I stood in front of the mirror to look, and I was really pleased with the result.

I drove to the meeting place, and had just parked up, when I saw his car come into the car park. My heart was beating ten to the dozen. I got out of my car and walked over to his. He looked his car down, turned round and gave me a massive hug.

‘Hi Elaine’, he said, ‘I have been so excited all day about meeting you’ He laughed, and then said ‘Well, you look just like your photo and I hope I don’t disappoint you?’

I could hardly speak I felt so shy. ‘No, I said you look lovely’.

Then we both walked into the restaurant for our first date together

To be continued.



Writing my profile

After an evening of reading profiles some that made me laugh and some that made me cry I decided to update my own profile.

Now, what to say.

Intelligent well-rounded woman seeks a man with similar qualities.

Err… No – well I can be intelligent if the subject interests me, and I am definitely a well-rounded woman. A bit too round at the moment. But, nothing that a few weeks eating salads and going swimming would not help!

Now, what can I write that would be suitable for a mature dating site, that is not going to sound boring.  I think the best thing to do is just to be honest, and try to write from the heart. So many profiles do not do people justice. I have always been a sales person, which helps because writing a profile is another way of selling yourself.

Right. Let’s try again.

I am an honest, caring, sensitive woman who loves to laugh, and have deep meaningful conversations on just about any subject. I am a true Aquarian, which makes me slightly different from other women because I am a woman who enjoys space and does not want to be joined at the hip with someone 24/7

Now how will people read into that? Will they think I am a lunatic, but it is all true so I will leave it.

What am I looking for in a man?

I have joined the site in the hope of finding a man who is genuine, intelligent, loyal and caring, with a good sense of humour. Beauty is only skin-deep; it is what’s on the inside that counts. I am 5ft 8 inches tall, which is quite tall for a lady, and would ideally like someone taller than myself.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound shallow, but once again it is true, and surely it is better to let people know what I am looking for, rather than embarrass them later. I am tall!

I love cosy nights in with a lovely home cooked meal, nights out at the cinema, and lazy Sunday pub lunches. It is the company that counts not the location, or the expense, just two people who enjoy being with each other with similar qualities, hopes and dreams.

Hmm…  I like that bit, it hopefully shows I am not a gold digger, and I am looking for someone that likes to chat about anything and everything.

I have put the past firmly behind me now, and I am looking for someone who has done the same. Yes, we cannot get to our age without some sort of baggage, but with respect, if you are still dragging yours behind you then you are not the man for me!

I hope that does not sound too harsh, but being honest when writing a profile is a must, and after dates where men have spent the evening talking about their ex partners, believe me it is no fun.

Right.  I think that is my profile done and dusted I am happy with it, so let’s get it on site and see if it brings the results I am looking for !


Gemini Man


I could not believe my luck, after chatting to an ex-army 6ft 3 hunk of a man, we arranged to meet up.   The only let down was that he lives in the Midlands which is a fair way to travel, but he is a Gemini, my perfect star sign partnership. I am very much into star signs, and had never been out with a Gemini, so I was keen to give it a go. We had so much fun chatting online and we both laughed out loud at each other. Personally, I think it’s important to be able to have a laugh, it builds up a rapport, and it gives me a nice warm feeling inside.
He arranged to meet me, and visit an ex-army buddy at the same time, making the journey more feasible, which I could understand. Because, let’s face it, until you meet someone in person you don’t know if the chemistry is going to be there. It definitely was online, but maybe that was in my head.  Mature dating is a whole different ball game, its fun; it’s like being young again but with more common sense (hopefully!)
Anyway, we arranged to meet one Sunday. He was traveling down on Sunday morning; it would take a couple of hours. I was so excited, on paper he was everything that I wanted, even down to his goatee beard and fairly stocky build. I could not sit still. I kept clock watching, and after taking time to do my hair and make-up, it was nearly time for me to set off to meet him near to where I lived.
I rang my friend and could not string a sentence together. She laughed at me and said ‘For goodness sake, calm down Elaine’. I just laughed, and said ‘I am meeting him today Barbara, and I am so excited’. Well, calm down said Barbara, the voice of reason. She always keeps me grounded, thank goodness.
Finally I set off to our meeting place, he had texted me to let me know how the journey was going. He was having a clear run, it was all motorways, and there were no hold ups.
I arrived at the pub/restaurant where we were meeting. I walked into the bar area, I heard a voice behind me which had a lovely gentle South African accent.
‘Hi Elaine, at last we meet’
I turned round and looked into the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. They were like melted chocolate and I literally swooned. When he put his hand on my arm, I felt like I had an electric shock. What was this man doing to me?
‘Let’s sit down’, he said, and led me to a table. I managed to shut my mouth, which had once again lost the ability to speak. I just looked at him with doe eyes and a smile on my lips.
Wow! Is this falling in love feels like?

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