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Halloween date

“Louise” I said, “you have made me look fab, I may be a witch but I don’t look like an ugly one. I may look a little green around the gills but it does suit my hair colour.” She sniggered “I think the little drawn on spider on your cheek looks good, although the black lips are a bit gruesome.” My grandchildren were giggling saying “Grandmas a witch and she is going out on a date”. “Okay enough” said my daughter “come on you two we better get going”.

We said our goodbyes and I wondered how I was going to fill the next two hours before I was to meet my date for this evening. Slipping off my dress I pulled on my dressing gown and decided to read some diary entries from the dating website and was soon engrossed giggling at some of the things I was reading.

I then decided to put an entry on myself telling everyone I was sat in full witch makeup waiting for my forthcoming date, in no time my entry was online and I kept getting emails daring me to post a photo of myself. Always up for a dare I slipped my dress back on and set my camera to take a selfie. After about
10 attempts I managed to get a decent photo and posted it on to the site.    Once approved I was
bombarded with emails from friends and new people saying they admired me for posting a photo
dressed as a witch.

I was laughing so much the black eyeliner that was around my eyes started to run and fearing that I
would end up looking more like Dracula than a witch I turned off my laptop and removed the black track marks down my cheeks.

At 7pm my eldest daughter arrived to give me a lift to the club. “Looking good there mum” she said,
“Louise has done a good job”. I slipped in to my high heels and set off. “Are you feeling nervous” she
asked me? “Just a bit” I replied “it is always a bit nerve wracking meeting someone you have never met
before and to be honest a fancy dress meeting does not thrill me”. “Oh just enjoy it” she said “at least its

Pulling up outside the club I saw someone in the shadows, he had his back to us and I said to my
daughter “I think that might be my date. Omg this is scary”. Stepping out from the shadow sporting a black cape which was held in front of his face he stepped forward and opened my car door, my daughter had the giggles I was terrified, dropping his cape I came face to face with Dracula fangs and all and I had to laugh.

“Hello” he said “I saw your photo online this afternoon so I knew what to expect. You look fantastic, lets
have some fun”. I took his hand waving with the other to my daughter I followed my date into the club
with a smile on my face. Mmm looks like I was going to have a good evening.


Halloween Date part 1

After licking my wounds from being stood up (even though it worked to my advantage) I decided to take the bull by the horns and agreed to meet Richard; who I had been chatting to for the last 4 weeks, who seemed like he could be good fun for a date. The problem was he wanted to meet me on Halloween night at a fancy dress dinner dance. Now I don’t know about you but fancy dress on a first date was a little bit spooky to me, fancy dress! Its okay making a fool of yourself when you know someone well but come on, I wanted to make a good first impression, not make him think that I looked good as a witch.

I spoke to my two daughters about it and they found it hilarious, ”Are you having a laugh” said my eldest. My younger daughter, the artistic one said “wow that’s brilliant I  will help you get ready I have some great make up for Halloween (she has two young children) it will be great”.

We decided to enter into the spirit and after arranging to meet up at my local Asda the day after, to look at costumes. OMG, what was I getting myself into here.

I logged on to the website later to see if I had any messages from Richard, after all I certainly did not want to go to the expense of buying a costume if it was not going to be used. He instant messaged me saying he had been to pick up his outfit from the fancy dress shop in his local town, he had picked it out months ago, this was obviously his thing and he was well known (so he told me at the shop). He had already told me that I had left it too late to get a good costume so I had no alternative but to buy or make something myself, which was not going to happen!

He would not tell me what he was going as but told me that the event was being held in a nice club in the middle of his town which was about 5 miles away from where I lived. My eldest daughter had said she would drop me off to save the embarrassment of parking my car and walking to the club dressed in I did not know what.

I was quizzing him like mad asking was he going to be smart i.e. a vampire or a warlock! Or was he going for the fun type of look, he simply laughed and said it would be a surprise. Now I don’t wish to be vain here but I did not fancy arriving as a pumpkin; I know I am not the thinnest of women but the pumpkin look was not going to do me any favours.

We chatted about other stuff then said our goodbyes with the arrangement that we would meet outsidethe club at 8pm the following night.

To be continued


Halloween Date part 2

31 October turned out to be a cold crisp day and, standing outside my local Asda store waiting for my daughter, I thought maybe this first date might not be that bad. After all it would not be boring meeting someone on Halloween night in fancy dress, would it??

I heard my grandchildren shouting out “Grandma, we are here to help you pick out a costume for your first date tonight”. Don’t you just love children, there can be no secrets when they are around, I saw a few shoppers smirk as they walked past me, great, now they all know I am single and going out in fancy dress tonight!

My daughter shushed them and mouthed sorry to me. We walked in to the store, now I have to say I
was impressed with the selection for fancy dress, what concerned me however was the sizes left for,
how shall I put it, the larger ladies. My heart sank, here was I about to meet someone from the Mature
Free and Single website for the first time at a fancy dress wearing what?

My daughter who likes to be positive kept picking up costumes and putting them down, looking at me
she said “don’t worry mum, we can fix you up. How about we make your costume.” My heart sank even
more and hit the floor, “make my costume” I squeaked “what will you make”? I could tell she was stuck
because she kept opening and shutting her mouth.

“Well” she said “that black dress you have, we could trim it up to make it look Halloweenish”. Picking up
a skeleton I said “what like sew a few of these on it?”  She had to laugh, “have I ever let you down?
Come on be serious now let’s buy some bits and then we can go back to your house and make you a great costume”.

“Go for it” I said, “I am in your hands”. She quickly gathered a variety of things and after trying a witch’s
hat on my head we went through the checkout and headed home. Once there I put on my black dress
which thankfully was quite plain apart from a sparkly collar. I stood in the center of the room whilst she
started sewing on spiders and cobwebs the kids sat transfixed watching my plain black dress change into
a witches outfit.

“Right” she said once it was finished, “I am not showing you the results yet until I have done your hair
and put on your make up”. I sat on the settee whilst she put layers of first white then green make up on
my face. She wanted to put a wart on my chin but no way was I allowing that. She twisted my hair up into the side bun and placed pipe cleaners in to the bun making it look like a big fat spider.

Finally she said “right have a look and see what you think”. With some trepidation I walked towards the

To be continued.


Cinema Date, Part 1

After communicating with Alan on the Mature Free and Single website
we finally agreed to meet up. I found that he did seem to blow a little hot
and cold, which did cause me a little concern, but I decided to give him
the benefit of the doubt and we arranged to meet one Thursday evening at
the cinema.

I had only ever been to the cinema with close friends so I decided that
perhaps it was wise to see an upbeat film as opposed to something like
12 Years a Slave, so we agreed that we would watch a comedy/rom com

We had arranged to meet in the cinema foyer at 7.30pm, so I rushed home from work to get a quick bite to eat and get ready. I chose to dress casually in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt it tends to get a bit hot in the
cinema especially when it’s a new film and Thursday nights did seem to be busy. I had paid for the tickets online to save us queuing, which he was happy with, saying that he would pay next time.

I sent him a quick text to say I was setting off and I would see himthere, ending the text with a smiley, I picked up my keys and walked towards my car. The journey was relatively easy I only needed to go on the motorway for one junction. In no time at all I was pulling in to the cinema complex’s car park. Checking my watch I was ten minutes early, so I did my usual check on my hair and make up, rubbing the little
residue of lipstick from my front tooth.

Five minutes later I jumped out of the car and had a look around the car park for Alan’s car. He had told me that he drove a green Ford Focus but I could not see one, so I walked slowly towards the cinema entrance. There was a quiet queue buying tickets and I have to admit smiling to myself as I went to a much smaller queue to get my tickets from the pre-paid dispenser. I noticed a cute guy in the queue who looked familiar and he gave me a little smile. With the tickets safely in my bag I went back towards the entrance and stood to one side. Checking my watch I saw that Alan was now running ten minutes late.

Thinking he had perhaps walked past me whilst I was getting the tickets I walked back towards the gate number where the film was playing. Scanning the queue I could not see him so feeling a little bit embarrassed I walked back to the entrance checking my mobile to see if I had missed any messages or phone calls from him. Finding nothing I began to have some doubts as to whether he was even going to turn up or not, after all he had been playing hot and cold with me one day seeming really quite keen and then not that bothered. Where the heck was he?

To Be Continued.


Cinema Date Part 2

Part 2 Cinema date

Waiting for my Cinema date to arrive I had a sinking feeling that he may

not show up. This would be a first for me because in my experience on

the Mature Free and Single website everyone I had arranged to meet did

actually turn up (even if the odd one of them did who I wish hadn’t)

I had read stories written by the male members in their diaries of

disappointment when their prospect dates either cancelled at the last

moment or did a no show, but this one was a new one to me.

Mentally chastising myself for thinking both negatively or badly of

Alan I reached into my bag and pulled out my mobile to check it again,

perhaps something had come up and he couldn’t make it or he was stuck

in traffic.

I looked at my watch and he was now 30 minutes late. I tried to ring him

but it went straight to answer machine, I did not want to sound like a

bunny boiler and, even though I was seething inside, I had to give him

the benefit of the doubt so I left a message saying “Hi Alan, I am at the

cinema, are you on your way?”. Putting my phone back in my bag I

was aware that the queue for our film was beginning to move forward.

I thought “At least I won’t have to sit through the boring trailers, every

cloud has a silver lining and all that.”

I pretended to look at the forthcoming film posters although I was not

actually reading them. I rang my friend Barbara and she was surprised to

hear my voice. “What’s happening” she said “is he hot, hot, hot?” I had

to laugh “just the reverse” I said “he has not turned up”. “What” she said

“not turned up? That’s a first for you”. “I know” I replied “and it doesn’t

feel good either”.

“Isn’t he the one who blew hot and cold” she said? “Mm mm” I replied

“but I did not think he would stand me up! I will give him five more

minutes and then decided what to do”.

“Well I am here if you need me” was her reply, we said our goodbyes and

I checked my phone again, nada, nothing, I looked out through the large

windows of the cinema.

Just at that moment two things happened; the cute guy I had seen earlier

was approaching me and a text arrived on my phone with a message from

Alan. “Hi. Sorry but I can’t make tonight something has come up, another

time maybe.”

I must have looked like a goldfish to the cute guy when it suddenly

dawned on me that I knew where I had seen him from, it was the Mature

Free and Single website. “Hi” he said “have you recognised me?” “I

have now” I replied smiling. “Are you meeting someone from the site?”

he said.

“I was” I replied “and he has stood me up, which is a new one for me.”

He smiled; “maybe this could be to my advantage he said”.

I held up the two tickets, “the film is starting any minute” I replied.

“Come on then what are we waiting for”.


Dont rush in !

I can honestly say I have only had one date, from the Mature Free and Single website, where when I met a gentleman I knew instantly it had been a mistake to meet.  I was at a loose end and after only emailing this guy a couple of times I agreed to meet him for an early evening drink.  We were meeting in a beautiful village location around 6pm one Saturday evening. Seconds after I arrived in the car park my date appeared and parked next to me. I got out of the car and said hello and gave him a smile. “Hi” he replied and stumbled forward and gave me a big kiss on my cheek almost knocking me over. I laughed nervously thinking perhaps he was nervous too but as we crossed the road to the village pub he took hold of my hand, which made me feel very uncomfortable. I am not a cold person but I think holding hands comes when you know a person rather than on a first date.

I also noticed he was shorter than he had said on his profile and even though I was wearing flat heels I was still a good 4 inches taller than him. Why do some people lie about their height!

We walked into the pub and found that the only seats available were on the settees so I sat down while he bought us a drink.  He brought the drinks over and instead of giving us both a bit of breathing space he sat very close to me. I tried to move across but he followed and in the end I had to say “Please don’t think I am being funny but could you move across a bit you are a bit near”.

He immediately took offence to my comment and said “Oh it’s like that is it” and proceeded to sit at the other end of the settee. I tried my hardest to engage in conversation with him but we really did not have anything in common. How could I have got it so wrong? I know that some people meet for a first date and spend the whole day together perhaps visiting the coast.

I shook my head this date was obviously a disaster and it is honestly the first date I have ever had where I considered saying I was going to the ladies and leaving. After mentally talking to myself I had no option but to turn to my date and say “Look I am sorry but we are obviously not a match”. To which he replied “that’s not the first time I have heard those words. It’s not a problem because you’re obviously not right for me either”.

We both drank our drinks and walked across to the car park said our goodbyes and drove our separate ways.  I laughed to myself at the whole event and decided that before I accepted another date I would take more time getting to know more about someone before arranging to meet them.

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